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Irrfan Khan

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# 21
Chhot khaya hua dost dushman se zyada khatarnak hota hai
A wounded friend is more dangerous than a enemy
# 22
Darya bhi main, darakht bhi main ... Jhelum bhi main, chinar bhi main ... dair bhi hoon, haram bhi hoon ... Shai bhi hoon, Sunni bhi hoon, main hoon pandit ... main tha, main hoon aur main hi rahoonga
I'm the sea, I'm the tree ... I'm the river Jhelum, I'm the aspen tree ... I'm the temple, I'm the sin ... I'm Shai, I'm Sunni, I'm a pandit ... I was there, I am here and I will be there
# 23
Chaal hum chalenge ... sheh bhi hum denge ... aur maat bhi hum denge
We will play the ploy ... we will also give the check ... and we will also give the check and mate
# 24
Aaj kal shareef sirf woh hota hai jiske mobile mein password nahi hota hai
Nowadays only those people are honest who don't have a password on their mobile phone
# 25
Pistol ki thandi nali jab kanpatti pe lagti hai na ... tab zindagi aur maut ka fark samajh mein aata hai
When the cold barrel of a pistol touches the head ... then one understands the difference between life and death
# 26
Husn apne aage peeche poori duniya ko nachata hai
Beauty makes the whole world dance around it
# 27
Badhe sheharo ki hawa aur chote sheharo ka pani ... bada khatarnak hota hai
The air of big cities and the water of small cities ... are very dangerous
# 28
Shaitan ki sabsi badi chaal yeh hai ki woh saamne nahi aata
The biggest move of a devil is that he never comes in the front
# 29
Ahankar ki aag tezaab se zyada khatarnak hoti hai ... ek baar jala de toh nishaan seedha aatma pe jake lagta hai
The fire of pride is more dangerous than acid ... once it burns you then the marks appear straight on the soul
# 30
Ishq ka ek problem hai ... agar ek ki lagi toh doosre ki bhi lagni hai kabhi na kabhi
Love has one problem ... if one gets into trouble then the other also will get in trouble sometime or the other
# 31
Aadmi ka sapna toot jaata hai na, toh aadmi khatam ho jaata hai
When a person's dream breaks, then the person breaks down as well
# 32
Bharat ko angrezon se azaadi lene mein 200 saal lage the ... tu 18 tak toh ruk hi sakti hai
It took India 200 years to get freedom from the British ... you can wait at least until you turn 18
# 33
Ik baar to yun hoga, thoda sa sukoon hoga ... na dil mein kasak hogi, na sar mein junoon hoga
For once it will be so, that there will be some peace ... neither there will be pain in my heart, nor there will be the passion in my mind
# 34
Shauk do tarah ke hove hai ... ek toh woh joh samay ke saath khatam ho jave hai ... aur duja woh joh samay ke saath maqsad ban jave hai
There are two types of hobbies ... one which ends over a period of time ... and second that turns into your mission over a period of time
# 35
Death aur shit ... yeh do cheezen kisi ko, kahin bhi, kabhi bhi aa sakti hai
Death and shit ... these two things can come to anyone, anywhere, anytime
# 36
Tu toh sarkari naukri ki tarah ho gaya hai ... badi mushkil se milta hai ... woh bhi kismat waalon ko
You have become like a government job ... you've become hard to be found ... and only lucky people find you
# 37
Bachpan mein bacha hamari ungli pakad ke chale hai taake bheed mein kho na jave ... aur jis din woh hamari ungli chhod de ... toh aise laage jaise hum hi kho gaye ho ... par baat bhi hai bhaisaab ... jab talak balak aapki ungli chhodega nahi ... tab talak aake gale kaise lagavega
In childhood a child holds our finger and walks so that they don't get lost in the crowd ... and the day they leave our finger ... it feels as if we've lost ourselves ... but there's a point in this my friend ... until the child leaves your finger ... they won't be able to come and embrace you
# 38
Pyar mein joh galat hai ... woh bhi sahi hai
What is wrong in love ... even that is right
# 39
Aur kya dekhna baaki hai ... aapse dil laga ke dekh liye
I have nothing more to see ... after being in love with you
# 40
Duayen apno ke liye li jaati hai
We pray for our loved ones
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