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Aan Milo Sajna

Release Year - 1970
# 1
Jiyo toh sabke liye ... maro toh sabke liye
If you live then live for everyone ... if you die then die for everyone
# 2
Zameen toh kisi ke baap ki nahi hai ... zameen toh bhagwan ki hai, mehnat kisaan ki aur anaaj saare desh ka hai
The land doesn't belong to anyones father ... the land belongs to god, the farmers work hard on it and the crops are of the entire country
# 3
Jise dost ka haath thaam le aur maa ka aashirwad mil jaye ... woh zindagi ki har manzil tay kar sakta hai
The one who has the support of a friend and blessings from a mother ... he can achieve every goal in life
# 4
Agar duniya mein maut se badi sachai koi nahi ... toh sach maniye aapko dhoka dekar meri zindagi bhi maut se kam nahi
If there isn't anything more true than death in this world ... then believe me by deceiving you, my life is nothing less than death
# 5
Ek maa ke dil ka sabse bada armaan ... bete ka byah hota hai
The biggest wish in a mother's heart ... is the wedding of her son
# 6
Main jhoot bolkar bhi pachtai ... aur sach bolkar bhi pachtati rahoongi
I am repenting by lying ... and I will also repent by saying the truth
# 7
Is waqt meri maa, mera dharam, mera bhagwan ... joh kuch hai paisa hai
At this moment my mother, my religion, my god ... whatever it is, it is money
# 8
Kanoon ka matlab agar mulzim ko sazaa dena hai ... toh begunah ko sazaa se bachana bhi
If the meaning of law is to punish the guilty ... then it is also to save the innocent from a punishment
# 9
Ab mera rasta maut ki thokar bhi nahi rok sakti
Now even a knock from death can't stop my way
# 10
Jhoot bolkar khud pachtane waala ... sach bolkar kabhi kisi ko pachtane nahi deta
The one who repents after lying ... will not let anyone repent after saying the truth
# 11
Main maut se nahi darti ... maut se usse darr lagta hai jise zindagi se pyar ho ... aur zindagi se usse pyar hota hai jise zindagi ne kuch diya ho
I am not scared of death ... people who love life are scared of death ... and a person loves life when life has given them something
# 12
Zindagi ki mushkil marke asaan nahi hoti hai ... himmat se asaan hoti hai
The problems of life don't get simpler by dying ... they get simpler with courage
# 13
Main janta hoon joh kuch bhi isne kiya usse koi maaf nahi kar sakta ... bhagwan bhi nahi ... lekin ek maa maaf kar sakti hai
I know that whatever he has done, no one can forgive that ... not even god ... but a mother can forgive him
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