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Do Badan

Release Year - 1966
# 1
Kahin sher aur nagma bankar, kahin aasoonyon mein dhalkar ... woh mile mujhe toh e-dil, kahin sooratein badalkar
Sometimes as a poem and a song, sometimes within my tears ... she met my heart with many different faces
# 2
Pyar ki seema sirf issi duniya tak nahi ... pyar toh bhavnaon ka ek aaisa phool hai ... joh ek janam se doosre janam aur phir janam janam tak mahekta rehta hai
Love is not just limited to this world ... love is a flower of emotions ... which provides it's fragrance from one life to another and then for eternity
# 3
Dil ke paas rehne waala jab door chala jaata hai ... tabhi pata chalta hai hum usse kitna pyar karte hai
When the one that is close to our heart goes far away ... then only we come to know how much we love them
# 4
Humko toh gardish-e-haalat pe rona aaya ... rone waale tujhe kis baat pe rona aaya?
I was crying looking at my situation ... what are you crying for?
# 5
Aadmi kitna hi bura kyun na ho ... woh kabhi na kabhi zaroor pachtata hai
No matter how bad a person is ... at some point or the other he repents
# 6
Ameeri aur gareebi ke darmiyan yeh joh fasla hai na ... yeh sadiyon se badta hi ja raha hai ... isse koi kam na kar saka
The gap between the rich and the poor ... is growing since ages ... no one has been able to reduce that
# 7
Naukri milne ke baad kaam rahe na rahe ... lekin naukri dhoondna bahut bada kaam hai
Whether there is work or not after I get a job ... finding a job is big work itself
# 8
Joh paa lene ko pyar kehta hai ... usse hazaron lakhon janam lene padenge pyar ka matlab samajhne ke liye
The one who says that achieving someone is love ... that person will have to take hundreds and thousands of births to understand the meaning of love
# 9
Sach joh kisi ki jaan lele ... usse kahin achcha hai woh jhoot joh kisi ko maut ke mooh se bacha le
A lie that saves someone from the mouth of death is much better than ... the truth that kills someone
# 10
Insaan par duniya pehre laga sakti hai ... magar pyar par nahi
The world can confine a human ... but not love
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