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Mere Jeevan Saathi (2006)

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Pyar toot jaye toh sirf dukh hota hai ... par vishvas toot jaye toh sab kuch khatam ho jata hai
When love breaks we only feel sad ... but when the trust breaks then everything ends
# 2
Tumhare intezaar mein aasoon bhi sookh gaye ... joh sapne sanjoye, sare toot gaye
Even the tears have dried up in waiting for you ... and the dreams that I saw are all broken
# 3
Main tumhe bhool jaon, yeh mumkin nahi ... aur tum mujhe bhool jao, yeh main kabhi hone nahi doongi
It is not possible that I'll forget you ... and I'll never let you forget me
# 4
Hum dono ek doosre se kabhi door nahi reh sakte ... kyun ki hum ek doosre ke dil mein rehte hai, ek doosre ki dhadkan mein baste hai, yaadon mein jeete hai
We both can never stay away from each other ... because we stay in each others heart, settle in each others heartbeat and live in each others memories
# 5
Bhujne ke saath joh khatam ho jaye woh hawas hoti hai ... par tripti ke baad jab pyas badh jaati hai ... woh pyar hota hai
Lust is something that ends when it turns off ... but when the thirst increases after satisfaction ... that is called love
# 6
Pachtava bahut aasaan hai ... lekin prayashchit karna bahut mushkil
To regret is very easy ... but it is very hard to atone
# 7
Jab koi apna hi dil todhta hai ... toh jeena bahut mushkil ho jaata hai
When someone dear to us breaks our heart ... then living becomes very difficult
# 8
Tumhe har haal mein guzre huye kal aur guzre huye pal ko bhoolna hoga
Under any circumstances you will have to forget the past and the past moments
# 9
Jis rishtey ko bandhan mein baandne ki zaroorat pade na ... woh rishta nahi kehlata ... aur jis rishtey ki neev vishvas ho ... us rishtey ko kisi bhi naam ki zaroorat nahi padti
A relationship that needs to be tied up in a bond ... is not a relationship ... and a relationship that is built on trust ... that relationship doesn't need any name
Song Lyrics - Mere Jeevan Saathi (2006)
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