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China Gate

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Mere mann ko bhaya ... main kutta kaat ke khaya
My heart liked it ... and so I cut the dog and ate it
# 2
Humse ladne ki himmat toh jutta loge ... par kaminapan kahan se laoge?
You will accumulate the courage to fight against me ... but from where will you get the sneakiness?
# 3
Haath mein bandook lekar apne aap ko bahadur samajhna utna hi aasaan hai ... jitna kisi nihatte ko buzdil samajhna
It is easy to consider a weaponless person as a coward ... as easy as it is to consider yourself a brave person by simply holding a gun in your hand
# 4
Jung koi bhi ho, nateeja kuch bhi ho ... ek sipahi apna kuch na kuch kho hi deta hai
Be it any war, be it any outcome ... a soldier loses something or the other
# 5
Ab kachoo nahi hona hai ... sirf rona hi rona hai
Now nothing will happen ... you simply have to cry and cry
# 6
Cancer se zyada khaufnak bimari toh aapki ragon mein daud rahi hai ... nafrat ki bimari, shaq ki bimari
A disease much more dangerous than cancer is running in your veins ... the disease of hatred, the disease of suspicion
# 7
Janwar jab adamkhor ban jaye ... toh uski chamdi udherkar deewar par chipka di jaati hai
When an animal turns ferocious ... then you strip his skin out and hang it on the wall
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