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Kriti Sanon

# 1
Tumhara pariwar hai ya mobile network ... jahan jaate hai wahan pahunch jaata hai
Your family is like the mobile network ... wherever we go, it's always there
# 2
Mujhe aise mat dekh ... main koi khaane ki cheez nahi hoon ... (toh phir kya hai?) ... hamesha hamesha ke liye paas rakhne ki cheez hoon
Don't look at me like this ... I'm not something to be eaten ... (then what are you?) ... I'm something to be kept forever
# 3
Jung sirf ladi nahi jaati ... kheli bhi jaati hai
A war is not only fought ... it's played as well
# 4
Jab koi rasta nazar na aaye hum umeed ki taraf mudhte hai ... ek suraj doobta hai toh lakhon chirag bhi toh jal uthte hai
When can't see any path forward then we turn towards hope ... when a single sun sets then millions of lamps light up
# 5
Main bhi tumhare saath chalungi ... sukh mein peeche rahungi aur dukh mein aage aa jaungi
Even I'll come with you ... I'll stay behind you in your moments of happiness and I'll come in front of you in your moments of sadness
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