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Om Puri

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# 1
Khoon jab bolta hai toh maut ka tandav hota hai
When the blood talks then there is a dance of death
# 2
Mazhab insaanon ke liye banta hai ... mazhab ke liye insaan nahi bante
Religion is made for humans ... human is not made for religion
# 3
Mujhe koi nahi maar sakta ... na aage se, na peeche se, na daayen se, na baayen se ... na aadmi, na janwar, na astra, na shastra
No one can kill me ... not from front, not from back, not from right, not from left ... not a man, not an animal, not by weapons, not by knowledge
# 4
Jis din police ki vardi ka saath pakda ... us din darr ka saath chod diya
The day I took company of the police uniform ... the same day I left the company of fear
# 5
Kanoon ka dost mera dost ... kanoon ka dushman mera dushman
A friend of the law is my friend ... and an enemy of the law is my enemy
# 6
Har insaan ko zindagi mein ek baar pyar zaroor karna chahiye ... pyar insaan ko bahut achcha bana deta hai
Every person should fall in love at least once in life ... because love makes a person very good
# 7
Agar insaan ke dil mein yakeen ho ... toh woh chataan bhi hila sakta hai
If a person has confidence in his heart ... then he can even move a mountain
# 8
Ek katra jab zara sa ubharta hai, toh samundar ke lehje mein baat karta hai ... chhaton ke diye kab ke bhuj gaye hote, koi toh hai joh hawa ke par kattarta hai ... aur zameen ki koi vakalat nahi chalti, jab koi faisla aasman se utarta hai
When one drop rises a little bit, then it talks in the form of a ocean ... the candles on the roof would have blown off a long time ago, but there is someone who is cutting the wings of air ... and the ground has no case, when the decision comes down from the sky
# 9
Jung koi bhi ho, nateeja kuch bhi ho ... ek sipahi apna kuch na kuch kho hi deta hai
Be it any war, be it any outcome ... a soldier loses something or the other
# 10
Draupadi teri akele ki nahi hai ... hum sab shareholder hai
Draupadi is just not yours ... we are all shareholders
# 11
Hamare dhande mein aasunyon ke saath koi rishta nahin hota
In our business we don't have any relationship with tears
# 12
Kisi bhi insaan ke prati dushmani, khud ke prati dushmani hoti hai ... is liye dushman ko bhi apna dost maan lo
Enmity against any person is like enmity against yourself ... that's why you should make your enemy as your friend
# 13
Janwar jab adamkhor ban jaye ... toh uski chamdi udherkar deewar par chipka di jaati hai
When an animal turns ferocious ... then you strip his skin out and hang it on the wall
# 14
Jab ek corrupt aadmi marti hai toh uski satta khatam hoti hai ... aur jab ek sacha aadmi marta hai toh uski satta shuru hoti hai
When a corrupt man dies then his power ends ... and when a honest man dies then his power starts
# 15
Mera farmaan aaj bhi iss shehar ka kanoon hai
Even today my orders are the laws of this city
# 16
Main aise loktantra mein vishvas nahi karta ... joh gareebon ki izzat karna nahi jaanta
I don't believe in a democracy ... which does not know how to respect the poor
# 17
Paramparaon ki lakeerein jab dhundli padh jaati hai ... toh nayi lakeerein kheenchne se parhez nahi karna chahiye
When the lines of traditions become blurred ... then you should not hesitate from pulling new lines
# 18
Main jab bhi karta hoon, insaaf hi karta hoon
Whenever I do, I only do justice
# 19
Ek waqt par main sirf ek hi kaam karta hoon ... jab peeta hoon toh khoob peeta hoon ... aur jab duty karta hoon toh sirf duty karta hoon
At one time I only do one work ... when I drink then I drink a lot ... and when I am on duty then I only do duty
# 20
Yakeen ko hamesha waqt ke peeche chalna chahiye ... aage nahi
Trust must always come behind time ... not before
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