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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Jitna dum aapke ek haath mein nahi hai ... utna dum hamari ek ungli mein hai
The amount of power that you don't have in one hand of yours ... we have that much power in one finger of ours
# 2
Jab ghee seedhi aur tedhi dono ungliyon se na nikle ... toh beech ka rasta apnana padta hai
When you can't remove clarified butter using both a straight and a crooked finger ... then you should adopt the middle solution
# 3
Jab main phodna shuru karoonga na ... toh iski koi guarantee nahi hai ki kya kya phutega
When I start breaking things ... then there is no guarantee what all will break
# 4
Mujhe sudhaarte sudhaarte ... sudhaarne waale bighad gaye
In trying to improve me ... the people who were trying to improve me became bad
# 5
Unko pakadne ke liye pehle unki sooch ko pakadna hoga
To catch them we first need to catch their thinking
# 6
Jism ke x-ray ka toh suna tha ... lekin aap toh character ka bhi kar lete hai
I had heard about the x-ray of a body ... but you can do that even for a character
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