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Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks Dialogues

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# 301
Thanda peeke jao bahut garam ho gayi ho
You have become very hot, drink a cold drink and go
# 302
For your naughtiness ... I will eat a papad and you will get a jhapad
For your naughtiness ... I will eat a papadum and you will get a slap
# 303
Kharbuja, kharbuje ko dekh kar rang badalta hai
A cantaloupe changes color when it sees a cantaloupe
# 304
Agar hum pyase bhi marte ho ... toh bhi tumhare ghar se do boond pani peena hum mein manzoor nahi hai
Even if I am dying of thirst ... then to drinking two drops of water from your house is unacceptable to me
# 305
Aaj ke baad mein fruit nahin khaoonga ... sirf dry fruit khaoonga
From today I won't eat fruits ... I will only eat dry fruits
# 306
Jab seedhi ungli se ghee nah nikle ... toh ungli tedi karni padti hai
When clarified butter doesn't come out with a straight finger ... then you should turn your finger
# 307
Calendar khana lao! ... Calendar khana lao!
Calendar get the food! ... Calendar get the food!
# 308
Crime aur sharaab jitni purani ho jaye ... utni keemat badhti hai
The more older crime and alcohol become ... their value increases that much
# 309
Yeh raajneeti ke chakkar toh bas do kisam ke logon ko raas aate hai ... ek toh woh jinke ghar khane peene ki fikar na ho ... aur doosre woh jinke ghar khane peene ko kuch na ho
Politics only works for two kinds of people ... first those who don't have to worry about food in their house ... and second those who have nothing to eat in their house
# 310
Jab woh choti thi toh gaud mein behatkar lollypop khati thi ... ab jab gaud mein behatti hai toh meri lolly, pop ho jaati hai
When she was small she used to sit in my lap and have a lollypop ... now when she sits in my lap, then my lolly pops
# 311
Arre vaah Ramji chori kya banai ... kahin rasgulla aur kahin malai
Oh lord Ram you have created great women ... somewhere there is rasgulla (dessert) and somewhere there is malai (cream)
# 312
Roti roti mein bhi farak hota hai mere dost ... ek roti woh hoti hai joh cheenke khai jaati hai jis mein kisi ke khoon ki boo aati hai ... lekin mujhe woh roti chahiye jis mein kisi ke khoon ki boo nahi, balki mere paseene ki mehak aati ho
My Friend there is a difference even between breads ... there is one type of bread which is eaten by snatching and which has the smell of someone's blood ... but I want that bread which doesn't have the smell of someone's blood, but instead has the fragrance of my sweat
# 313
Kasoor mera nahi roti ki kasam ... bhook ki duniya mein imaan badal jaate hai
I swear on bread it's not my fault ... in the world of hunger people change their faith
# 314
Dhood ke phatne se banti hai malai ... suit ke phatne se hoti hai silai ... bhoot ke darr se phatte jiski, uski toh rab hi kare bhalai
Cream is made by boiling milk ... stitching is done when a dress tears ... the one who is scared of a ghost, god only save him
# 315
Dhoodh ka mazaa tab aata hai jab us mein ho elaichi, badam aur pista ... jab dil se dil mil jaate hai toh ban jaata hai bhai behen ka rishta
You enjoy milk when it has green cardamom, almonds and pistachios ... when a heart connects with a heart then a relationship of brother and sister is formed
# 316
Maa ke doodh ki ek boond bhi tumhare jism ke andar gayi hoti ... toh ek aurat, ek maa ke liye tum aaisi ghatiya baat nahi karte
If even a drop of mother's milk would have gone in your body ... then you would have never said such a dirty thing about a woman, about a mother
# 317
Mere lahoo ko bana diya hai teri dua ne ab toh aag ... apna doodh na bakshna tu, joh na laya tera suhaag
Your prayers have turned my blood into fire ... don't bless your milk on me, if I don't bring back your husband
# 318
Yeh malum hona chahiye ki mard kab peeta hai, kya peeta hai, kaise peeta hai ... yeh jaankari rakhna Bharatiya naari ka sabse important duty hai
When does a husband drink, what does he drink, how does he drink ... knowing this information is the most important duty of an Indian woman
# 319
Sharaab ek aaisi cheez hai ... joh ameeron ka shaunk aur gareebon ki zaroorat hai
Alcohol is one such thing ... that is a hobby of the rich and necessity of the poor
# 320
Ras nikaalta hoon jaaneman nichodkar ganna ... tera deedar ho khidki se bas yahi hai tamanna
I remove the juice by squeezing sugarcane ... my only wish is that I get a glimpse of you from the window
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