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Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hai ... aasman se aage aasman aur bhi hai
There is a world beyond the stars ... and there is more sky beyond the sky
# 2
Desh mein azaadi hai, par choron ne pehni khaadi hai ... jago India jago!
There is independence in the country, but the robbers are wearing hand-woven clothes ... wake-up India wake-up!
# 3
Zahid sharab peene de masjid mein baithkar ... ya phir woh jagah dikha de jahan khuda na ho
Let me sit inside the mosque and drink alcohol ... or else show me the place where there is no god
# 4
Taqdeerein badal jaati hai, zamana badal jaata hai, mulkon ki tareekh badal jaati hai ... aur main samajhta hoon life partner bhi badle ja sakte hai
Destinies change, the world changes, the dates of countries change ... and I understand that even life partners can be changed
# 5
Chaku environment friendly cheez hai re ... aaise leharaya, ghusaya, tapkaya ... goli mein saala dhamaka, dhuan, pollution, no solution ... we want India free of pollution
Knife is a environment friendly thing ... move it, push it, and kill them ... the bullet has noise, smoke, pollution, no solution ... we want India free of pollution
# 6
Bharat hamari mata hai, underworld jiska pita hai ... jago India jago!
India is our mother and the underworld is it's father ... wake-up India wake-up!
# 7
Vardi, khaadi, machine gun ... bhool gaye sab Jan-Gan-Man
Uniform, hand-woven clothes, machine gun ... everyone has forgotten Jan-Gan-Man (the national anthem)
# 8
Dialogue delivery karna na bachche ke delivery jitna hi mushkil hai ... bejaan kirdaar mein jaan dalni padti hai
Delivering a dialogue is as hard as doing the delivery of a child ... you have to put life in a lifeless role
# 9
Aaj kal bhaichara kam aur bhai log zyada dikhte hai
These days you can see less brotherhood and more rowdyism
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