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Transportation Dialogues

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# 121
Sardarni ladki ko joh teen quality chahiye na ... woh teeno mujhe mein hai ... jatt, jameen te jeepsy
The three qualities that a Sikh girl needs ... I have all three of them ... being a Sikh, having land and a jeep
# 122
Life mein biwi badal, ghar badal, gaadi badal ... lekin apna brand kabhi mat badalna
In life change your wife, change your house, change your car ... but never change your brand
# 123
Kutte ko izzat di jaye toh use pichli seat pe bithaya jata hai ... par koode ko bori mein daalkar dicki mein patka jata hai
A dog is given respect when it allowed to sit on the back seat ... but thrash is wrapped in a sack and thrown in the car trunk
# 124
Teri gaadi bulletproof hai ... tu nahi
Your car is bulletproof ... not you
# 125
Gaadi aur meri aadat kuch milti jhulti hai ... chalte chalte chalti hai aur rukte rukte rukti hai
The habits of this car and me are somewhat same ... it moves when it's moving and stop's when it's stopping
# 126
Abhe oh dukkar Fiat ke cancelled model
Hey you cancelled model of a piggy Fiat car
# 127
Paise se Mercedes khareedi ja sakti hai, makaan khareeda ja sakta hai, nursing home khareeda ja sakta hai ... zindagi ka har ek aaram khareeda ja sakta hai ... lekin dil nahi khareeda ja sakta hai
With money you can buy a Mercedes, you can buy a house, you can buy a nursing home ... you can buy every luxury of life ... but you can't buy a heart
# 128
This is a race between man and machine ... he may have the better machine but I'm a better man
This is a race between man and machine ... he may have the better machine but I'm a better man
# 129
Kismat gaadi ke gear jaisi hai ... agar time par badal diye toh zindagi ki speed badh jaati hai
Destiny is like the gear system of a car ... if you change it on time then the speed of life increases
# 130
Bambai mein bus ki aur chokariya ki intezar nahi karni chahiye ... pati nahi kab aa jaye ... aaye aaye nahi aaye
In Mumbai one should not wait for a bus or a girl ... who knows when they'll come ... or may be whether they'll even come or not
# 131
Daulat waalon se kabhi dil lagana nahi chahiye ... woh kapde aur gadiyon ki tarah dil bhi badalte rehte hai
You should never fall in love with rich people ... like clothes and cars they keep changing their heart as well
# 132
Shayaron ki mehfil mein jaate hai toh shayar ho jaate hai ... aur koi apne se tagda mil jaye toh kayar ho jaate hai ... zindagi ki gadi mein fit kardo toh tyre ho jaate hai ... aur agar bandook mein fit kardo toh fire ho jaate hai
When we go in a party of poets then we become a poet ... and if we get someone stronger than us then we become cowards ... if you fit us in the car of life then we become tyres ... and if you fit us in a gun then we get fired
# 133
Jab kashti jawani ke kinare par aa jaye ... toh wahan aadmi nayi awaazon se pyar karne lag jaata hai ... wahan usse shaadi ke baaje sunai dete hai ... phir usse pichle kinare ki awaazon ka khayal nahi karna chahiye
When a boat reaches the shores of youth ... then over there a person starts to fall in love with new voices ... over there he hears the wedding bells ... and then he should not think about the voices of the previous shores
# 134
Gaye the dubane Titanic par na duba sake ek bhi naiyya ... misaal hi maarte reh gaye hamare Lucky bhaiya
He went to drown the Titanic but he couldn't even drown a boat ... our brother Lucky was just left giving examples
# 135
Bus mein tel jalta hai aur taange mein janavar ka khoon jalta hai
In a bus oil burns and in a horse cart the blood of the animal burns
# 136
Malik ne hamari mitti kuch special kisam ki banai hai ... ki jis saanche mein dalo wohi roop dharan kar leta hai ... agar tange mein behta do toh tangewaala ban jata hoon, agar hawaijahaz mein behta do toh pilot ban jata hoon ... masjid mein mulla, mandir mein pandit ... aur agar dil mein behta do toh dilwaala
God has made my properties of a special kind ... in whichever shape you put me I adopt that shape ... if you make me sit in a horse cart then I become a horse cart driver, if you make me sit in an aeroplane then I become a pilot ... religious leader in a mosque, saint in a temple ... and if you put me in a heart then I become a lover
# 137
Dhoom machani hai machao ... lekin bike ki gatti par nahi ... apni future ki pragati par
If you want to have fun then do ... but not with the speed on your bike ... instead with the speed of your future's progress
# 138
Bus ho ya train, ek miss ho jaye toh doosri aa jaati hai ... but not life ... so please don't risk it
Be it a bus or a train, if you miss one then another one comes along ... but not life ... so please don't risk it
# 139
Tanki mein nahin tel ... toh bade se bada engineer fail
If you don't have oil in the car tank ... then even the biggest engineer is a fail
# 140
Inka dil hai chota, badi hai gaadi ... aur dhanda poora sarkari
His heart is small, his car is big ... and his business is all connected with the government
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