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The Angrez

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Tum logan phukat ke chaiyan, phukat ke cigarettan, phukat ke butte khake ... mereko bambu ghused rahe
You guys after having free teas, free cigarettes, free corns ... are pushing a stick inside me
# 2
Arre tu mechanic hai paijama hai? ... arey woh laal waali Mercedes bhej nakko re baawa pehle woh safed waali bhija de ... mereko kaama hai, bahut kaama hai re bhai ... ek toh bhi gaadi bhija de mereku
Are you a mechanic or a pajama? ... don't send me the red Mercedes, first send me the white one ... I have work to do, I have a lot of work to do ... send me at least one car
# 3
Itte Itte toh cupan the yaaron!
The cups were so small my friends!
# 4
Tum log yeh NRI ladkon ke chakkar mein mat padho ... woh log ladkiyon ko bahut ghoor ghoor ke dekhte hai
Don't fall in the trap of NRI (Non-Resident Indian) boys ... they stare a lot at girls
# 5
Aaise hi kaaman kare toh apan popular hote
You become popular only if you do such things
# 6
Chindi choron ka adda ho gaya gaali yeh ... pinde ke meri!
This street has become a compound of cheap robbers ... bloody hell!
# 7
Lapat ke idhar pappi, udhar pappi ... udhar pappi, idhar pappi ... meri phulna shuru ho gayi
She jumped on me and kissed here and there ... she kissed there and here ... and I started to swell
# 8
America phone karke dollaran manga letu ... dollaran, dollaran, dollaran
I'll make a phone call to America and get the dollars ... dollars, dollars, dollars
# 9
Tum logan cheap category ke, local basti ke, C grade logan hai
You people are from a cheap category, local community and of C grade quality
# 10
Maa ki kirkiri ... baigan mein mila diya re tu meri izzat ko!
You pain in the ass ... you have destroyed my honour!
# 11
Tum logan mera naam chindi chor kaama karke ... baigan mein mila diye meri izzat
You guys have done cheap things ... and have destroyed my name and dignity
# 12
Phukhat ke chaiyan, phukat ke cigarettan, phukat ke samosa khake ... angrezon ke baare mein socho bole toh tum logan kya karre re ... kya samjhe re tum logan mereku ... maa-ki-kirkiri!
You guys after having free teas, free cigarettes, free samosas ... are simply doing nothing to think about the foreigners ... what do you think I am ... you pain in the ass!
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