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Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Ladne ke liye dolon ki nahi ... jigar ki zaroorat hoti hai
To fight you don't need muscles ... you need courage
# 2
Chori joh hai na woh peeche se ki jaave hai ... aur haath ki safai joh hai woh samne se
Theft is done from the back ... and the trick of the hand is done from the front
# 3
Soote hue ko jagana toh aasaan hai ... lekin jaagte hue ko jagana toh namumkin hai
It is easy to wake up a person who is sleeping ... but it is impossible to wake up a person who is awake
# 4
Jaise apna Bathinda, waise apna Canada
Just like we have Bathinda, exactly like that we have Canada
# 5
Log toh soo ke sapne dekhte hai, par main toh jaag ke sapne dekhta hoon ... aur sapne toh wahi sach hote hai joh jaag ke dekhe jaate hai
People dream while they are asleep, but I dream while I am awake ... and only those dreams come true which are seen while you are awake
# 6
Sardarni ladki ko joh teen quality chahiye na ... woh teeno mujhe mein hai ... jatt, jameen te jeepsy
The three qualities that a Sikh girl needs ... I have all three of them ... being a Sikh, having land and a jeep
# 7
Ab tak toh paison ke liye maine paseena bahaya tha ... aaj tumne mera khoon bhi bhaha diya
Until now I had shed my sweat to earn money ... but today you've shed my blood as well
Song Lyrics - Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya
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