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Samrat & Co.

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Smart criminal woh nahi joh saboot na chhode ... balki woh hai joh saboot toh chhode ... par gumrah karne ke liye
A smart criminal is not the one who doesn't leave the evidence ... instead it is the one who leaves the evidence ... but to misguide
# 2
Aadmi woh nahi hota hai joh woh dikhata hai ... aadmi woh hota hai joh woh chupata hai
A person is not what he shows ... a person is what he hides
# 3
Kuch sawaalon ke jawab kudh sawaal hote hai
The answers to some questions are questions themselves
# 4
Sach khoobsurat ho na ho ... lekin uska nateeja bahut khoobsurat hota hai
Whether the truth is beautiful or not ... but its outcome is very beautiful
# 5
Jispar sabse zyada shak ho ... uspar sabse zyada yakeen karna chahiye
The one whom you suspect the most ... you should believe in them the most
# 6
You know success ka address kya hai? ... mushkil naam ke road par, uljhan naam ki modh se, chunauti ki gali mein ... come and get ready for the dilchasp rahasya right
Do you know what is the address of success? ... on the road of difficulty, from the corner of complication, in the lane of challenge ... come and get ready for the interesting mysterious right turn
# 7
Pyar aur war mein sab kuch fair is liye hota hai ... kyun ki dono mein 2nd prize nahi hota
Everything is fair in love and war ... because there is no 2nd prize in both
# 8
Money woh aathva sense hai jiske dum par baki ke senses enjoy kar sakte hai
Money is the 8th sense using which we can enjoy all the other senses
# 9
Kisi ko dhoondne se pehle ... khud ko hide karna zaroori hota hai
Before you try to find someone ... it's necessary to hide yourself
# 10
Dil sawaal nahi karta ... bas trust kar leta hai
The heart doesn't question ... it simply trusts
# 11
Aankhen utna hi dekh paati hai jitna hamare dimaag ko pata hota hai
The eyes can only see what our brain knows
# 12
Secrets ko secret na rehne dena hi mera pesha hai
It is my occupation to keep secrets not as a secret
# 13
Easy challenges tooti pencil hote hai ... there is no point
Easy challenges are a broken pencil ... there is no point
# 14
Heart is fragile ... handle it with care
Heart is fragile ... handle it with care
# 15
Kabhi kabhi sulajhne ke liye ulajhana padta hai
Sometimes to solve things you have to clash
# 16
Joh jeete hai ... wohi jeette hai
Those who live ... only they win
# 17
Har aadmi ka nature same hota hai ... yeh unki aadatein hai joh unhe alag banati hai
Every person has the same nature ... it's their habits that make them different
# 18
If you change nothing ... nothing will change
If you change nothing ... nothing will change
# 19
Sach woh ujala hai joh subah hone se pehle hi dikhne lagta hai
Truth is that light which you can see even before the morning happens
# 20
Mere third degree ka dard zero degree ka ice bhi nahi mitta sakta ... aur yahi degree hamesha losers ko milti hai
Even the zero degree ice can't erase the pain from my third degree ... and always losers get this degree
# 21
Wheelon mein gadi ki hawa kam ho jane par ... gadi ko dhakka maarkar chala rahe ho tum toh zinda ho tum ... drink and drive mein pakde jaane ke baad ... police ki maar khane se bach rahe ho toh zinda ho tum ... sarkar chale na chale ... apni car chala rahe ho toh zinda ho tum
When the air in the tires of a car goes low ... and if you are still pushing and driving that car then you're alive ... after being caught for drink & drive ... and if you are trying to escape from the police beating then you're alive ... no matter if the government runs or not ... and if you are driving your car then you're alive
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