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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

Release Year - 2011
# 1
Offers of the day ... close-up toothpaste ke saath 25% free ... cornflakes ke saath random sa plastic khilona free ... A,B ke saath C free ... politician ke saath scam free ... municipality ke saath corruption free ... Mumbai ke saath pollution free ... is friend request ke saath fraaandship free
Offers of the day ... with a close-up toothpaste get 25% free ... with cornflakes get a random plastic toy free ... with A, B get C free ... with a politician get a scam free ... with municipality get corruption free ... with Mumbai get pollution free ... and with this friend request get friendship free
# 2
Mere dil, jigar, liver mein ho tum ... waqt bewaqt aaye woh fever ho tum ... ab toh meri life mein forever ho tum
You are in my heart, soul, liver ... you are the fever that comes anytime ... and now you are in my life for forever
# 3
Har baar main teri jheel si aankhon mein doob jaata hoon ... lekin is baar nahi, ruk main swimming suit pehen ke aata hoon
Everytime I drown in your beauitful eyes ... but not this time, wait I'll wear a swimming suit and be back
# 4
Camera mein reel hai, photo mein feel hai ... par main toh good looking hoon hi, toh what's the big deal hai?
The camera has the reel, the photo has the feel ... but I am as it is good looking, so what's the big deal?
# 5
Direct connection ki speed se pyar hota hai ... aur utni aasani se logout bhi ho jaata hai
Love happens at the speed of a direct connection ... and that easily it logs out
# 6
Ek smily mein kahan woh baat hai ... joh class ke across uski aankhon mein dekh ke smile karne mein hai
A smily does not give the feeling ... what you get from looking into her eyes from across the class and smiling
# 7
Roz subah joh doodh peeya hota hai ... tumhe dekh ke phatke paneer ho jaata hai
Every morning the milk that I drink ... turns into cottage cheese after seeing you
# 8
Mogambo Anil Kapoor ke chaati ke baal dekh ke khush ho jaata tha ... par yeh toh kabhi khush nahi hoti
Mogambo used to get happy seeing the chest hair of Anil Kapoor ... but she never get's happy
# 9
Vodka samaaj ki dushman hai ... aao isse milke khatam kare
Vodka is the enemy of the society ... let's finish it together
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