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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Pehle fan star ke peeche bhaagta tha ... ab star fan ke peeche bhaagega
First the fan was chasing the star ... and now the star will chase the fan
# 2
Connection bhi na kamaal ki cheez hai ... bas ho gaya toh ho gaya ... Wi-Fi, bluetooth se bhi zyada strong hai apna connection
Connection is a very strange thing ... it just happens ... our connection is stronger than Wi-Fi and bluetooth
# 3
Woh sirf star nahi hai ... duniya hai meri
He's not just a star ... he's my world
# 4
Joh aapko pyar karta hai uska dil todna bhi crime hi hai
It's a crime to break the heart of the one who loves you
# 5
Jab raaton ko taare ginne ka mann kare aur har taare pe mera naam bhunane ko dil kahe ... samajh lena pyar hai ... jab chalte chalte peeche mudne ka mann kare ... beedh mein, anjaane mein aankhen mujhe dhoonde lage ... samajh lena wohi pyar hai ... agar yakeen na ho toh yeh haath thaamkar dekh lo ... dhadkane wahin tham jaaye toh samajh lena yahi pyar hai
When you feel liking counting the stars in the night and when you feel like writing my name on every star ... then understand that you're in love ... when you feel like looking back when you're walking forward ... when your eyes strangely search for me in the crowds ... then understand that you're in love ... if you don't believe me then hold my hand and see ... if your heartbeats stop right there, then understand that you're in love
# 6
Joh maza apni pehchaan ke saath jeene mein hai ... woh kisi doosre ki parchai banne mein nahi
The enjoyment that you get in living with your own identity ... you don't get that in living as someone else's shadow
# 7
Mamla toh bahut sangeen hai, thodi ahtiyaad baratna ... par ek baat yaad rakhna, dil ka toh kaam hi hai dhadakna
The matter is very serious, so be a little bit patient ... but remember one thing, it's the job of the heart to beat
# 8
Joh kuch bhi usne kiya ... maine apni life mein cut, copy, paste kiya ... bas farak itna hai udhar woh star bana aur main uska fan
Whatever he did ... I simply cut, copied, pasted that in my life ... the only difference is that he became a star there and I became his fan
# 9
Akal ke saamne shakal haari jaati hai ... shakal ki nakal toh kar sakte hai ... lekin akal ki nakal bhi nakli hoti hai
The face always loses to the mind ... you can imitate a face ... but even the imitation of a mind looks false
# 10
Meri maa kehti hai khate waqt roti aur maarte waqt bandhe ginna ... bahut buri baat hai
My mom says that, counting breads when you eat and people when you beat them ... is a very bad thing
# 11
Kisi ne uske khilaf mooh khola na toh ho jaati hai ladai ... style marne ke chakkar mein maine agar kabhi haath khol diye toh beta ho jaati hai pitai
If someone said anything against him then I found fight them ... and if I opened my arms with style then I would get beaten up
# 12
Zara si chhu chappad ki na ... toh yeh milk chocolate waale thopde ko wrapper ke saath pichka doonga
If you open your mouth even a little bit ... then I'll smash this milk chocolate like face of yours along with its wrapper
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