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Technology & Science Dialogues

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# 41
Hum Kabir ka iphone, uska ipod, uski item ... sab cheen lenge ... i-shapath
We will steal Kabir's iphone, ipod, girlfriend ... everything ... I swear on my mother
# 42
Ghar science se nahi ... home science se chalta hai
A house doesn't run on science ... it runs on home science
# 43
Jism ke x-ray ka toh suna tha ... lekin aap toh character ka bhi kar lete hai
I had heard about the x-ray of a body ... but you can do that even for a character
# 44
Har computer ki wahich kahani ... kahin porn star toh kahin sapnon ki rani
Every computer has the same story ... somewhere there is a porn star and somewhere there is a queen of dreams
# 45
Main koi universal charger hoon ... kahin bhi ghused doge
Am I an universal charger ... which can be inserted anywhere
# 46
Computer pe ungli marte marte tu mere se ungli kiya?
By typing on the computer with your fingers, you fingered with me?
# 47
Baki sab ke liye Google hai
For everything else there is Google
# 48
Jab sulphate, oxygen, nitrogen aur hydrogen in chaaron ko ek cylinder mein bhar do na ... toh choola nahi ghar jalta hai ... blast hota hai blast
When you add sulphate, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen all four together in a cylinder ... then a stove doesn't burn, but the whole house burns down ... it's a total blast
# 49
Zindagi mein bhi VCR ki tarah rewind button hota ... toh kitna achcha hota
If life had a rewind button just like the VCR ... then it would have been great
# 50
Isse toh software or underwear ka bhi farak pata nahi
He doesn't even know the difference between software and underwear
# 51
Hum log science mein maante hai ... non-science mein nahi
We believe in science ... and not in non-science
# 52
Aaj kal kehte hai ki bhagwan ke baad agar kisi ko sab kuch pata hai ... sab kuch ... toh woh hai Google
Nowadays it is said that if there's someone who knows everything after god ... literally everything ... then that's Google
# 53
Tere phone ke cell na zyada hi charge ho rakhe hai
The cells in your phone are supercharged
# 54
Main insaan par bharosa nahi karta ... technology mere liye kaafi hai
I don't believe on human's ... technology is enough for me
# 55
Aadmi ke vikaas ke charan teen ... bandar, aadmi aur machine
There are three steps of human development ... monkey, human and machine
# 56
Science bhi kehta hai ki dil azaad khayal hai ... dhadakne ke liye na toh isse shareer ki zaroorat hai na dimaag ki
Even science says that a heart is independent ... it doesn't need a body nor a mind to beat
# 57
Opportunity hamesha mujhe poke, mail, spam aur like karti hai ... aur main darwaze pe khada uski khat-khat ki intezar karta raha
Opportunity always pokes, mails, spams and likes me ... but I was waiting on the door for it to knock
# 58
Politics mein sahi galat ka koi barometer nahi hota ... joh sahi hai woh sahi hai ... aur joh galat hai woh bhi sahi hai
In politics there is no barometer for right or wrong ... what is right is right ... and what is wrong is also right
# 59
The difference between a lawyer and a computer is ... a computer gets twice as intelligent and half as expensive, compared to a lawyer every year
The difference between a lawyer and a computer is ... a computer gets twice as intelligent and half as expensive, compared to a lawyer every year
# 60
Maine tujhe kitni baar salah di hai ... ki apni TV set ke saath ... doosre ke DVD player ko attach kabhi nahi karna chahiye
I have advised you so many times ... that with your TV ... never connect someone else's DVD player
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