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Student Of The Year

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Dosti karne ki galti toh kar li hai maine ... toh ab dushmani karne ka mauka bhi nahi jaane doonga
I have done the mistake of being friends ... so now I won't let the chance of being enemies go by
# 2
Akad ki bhi aukaad hoti hai
Even attitude has a standard
# 3
Maangi hui cheez lautani parti hai Sir ... main kamana chahta hoon
Sir, the thing that you ask for has to be returned ... I want to earn it
# 4
Teachers sirf rules sikhate hai ... lekin winners, winners rules banate hai
Teachers only teach the rules ... but winners, winners make the rules
# 5
Sapno ka koi class nahi hota ... koi class nahi hota
Dreams have no class ... no class
# 6
Style mein kabhi kabhi mazbooti maar kha jaati hai
Sometimes strength loses when you are doing it with style
# 7
Abhe tu aadmi hai yah Google?
Are you a man or Google?
# 8
Teri jodi Rab ne nahi ... ameero ke club ne banayi hai
Your pair is not made by God ... is it made by the club of rich people
# 9
Aadmi ya toh chamcha hota hai ... ya kaanta
A human is either a spoon ... or a fork
# 10
Sab kitaab padh rahe hai ... lekin main ek hi cheez padhna chahta hoon ... aapke charan ... help me Mata
Everyone is reading a book ... but I only want to read one thing ... your feet ... help me God
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