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Priya Tendulkar

# 1
Agar halaat ke ghulam banoge na, toh duniya tumhe kutta samajhkar laat maregi ... lekin agar halaat ko apna ghulam banaoge na, toh duniya tumhe sher samajhkar salaam karegi
If you become a slave to the conditions, then the world will kick you like a dog ... but if you make the conditions as your slave, then the world will salute you like a tiger
# 2
Is duniya mein har insaan ko khud ladna padta hai ... khud haarna aur khud hi jeetna padta hai
In this world every person has to fight by themselves ... he himself has to lose and he himself has to win
# 3
Thane aur aspataal na koi apne marzi se jaata hai ... na apne marzi se aata hai
No one goes to a police station and hospital at their own will ... and neither do they come back from there at their own will
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