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Release Year - 1995
# 1
Aadmi zabaan se kuch kehta hai ... dimaag se kuch aur sochta hai ... aur dil kuch aur hi chahta hai
A person says something from his mouth ... thinks something else from his mind ... and his heart wants something else altogether
# 2
Agar halaat ke ghulam banoge na, toh duniya tumhe kutta samajhkar laat maregi ... lekin agar halaat ko apna ghulam banaoge na, toh duniya tumhe sher samajhkar salaam karegi
If you become a slave to the conditions, then the world will kick you like a dog ... but if you make the conditions as your slave, then the world will salute you like a tiger
# 3
Kal shyam aur thi, aaj shyam aur hai ... kal thikaane aur the, aaj manzil aur hai
Yesterday evening was different, today evening is different ... yesterday the location was different, today the destination is different
# 4
Mohabbat aur jurrat kya cheez hai, yeh tu kya janega kasai ... yeh deewana bankar rahega, tumhara permanent jamai
What is love and dare, you won't know that butcher ... this crazy person will become your permanent son-in-law
# 5
Woh tujhe mil jayegi ... tere dil ki kali khil jayegi
You will get her ... and the flower in your heart will blossom
# 6
Joh chala gaya usse bhool ja ... joh aa raha hai usse pyar kar
Forget the one who is gone ... love the one who is coming
# 7
Bhaage hamare dushman meri jaan, hum mein rukna hoga ... hamari mohabbat ke aage, in kamino ko jhukna hoga
Let our enemies run, we will stay ... these losers will have to bow down in front of our love
# 8
Is duniya mein har insaan ko khud ladna padta hai ... khud haarna aur khud hi jeetna padta hai
In this world every person has to fight by themselves ... he himself has to lose and he himself has to win
# 9
Aasoon kamzor logon ke zevar hote hai
Tears are the jewels of weak people
# 10
Pareshani aur takleefon se joh door ho, woh hum hai ... jiske sar par aapka haath ho, usse kya gham hai
I am a person who stays away from troubles and problems ... and the one who has your blessing has nothing to worry about
# 11
Is duniya mein kisi bhi cheez ko haasil karne ke liye teen tarike ki power chahiye ... money power, political power, muscle power
To acquire anything in this world you need 3 types of power ... money power, political power, muscle power
# 12
Ghalib na mara tha, na mara hai, na marega ... kyun ki aashiq ka bachcha na sudhra hai, na sudhrega
The poet never died, is not dead and will not die ... because a lover has never changed and will never change
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