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Rocky Handsome

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Deadly, dangerous ya Rocky ... is naam se mujhe woh jaante hai joh mujhe janana nahi chahte hai ... baaki sab ke liye, I'm just handsome
Deadly, dangerous or Rocky ... people who don't want to know me, know me by these names ... for everyone else, I'm just handsome
# 2
Kal ki baat karne waala kal nahi marta ... kal ki baat karne waala aaj marta hai ... sirf aaj ka sochne waale ke haathon ... aur main sirf abhi ki sochta hoon
The one who talks about tomorrow, doesn't die tomorrow ... the one who talks about tomorrow, dies today ... only from the hands of the one who thinks about today ... and I only think about the present
# 3
Tujhse kitni badi galati hui hai woh tujhe teri sazaa batayegi
Your punishment will tell you how big a mistake have you done
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