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Luck By Chance

Release Year - 2009
# 1
Unhe mat bhulo, joh tumhe tab jaante the jab tum kuch nahi the ... kyunki bas yeh hi hai, joh tumhe hamesha sach bolenge
Don't forget those, who knew you when you were nothing ... because only these people, will tell you the truth always
# 2
Apne raaste par chalte raho, chalte raho ... dheere dheere sari duniya tumhare raaste par aa jayegi
Keeping walking on your road, keep walking ... slowly slowly the whole world will come on your road
# 3
Kaamyabi aur nakaamyabi ... insaan khud hi chunta hai
Success or failure ... one selects himself
# 4
Mauke milte nahi, banaye jaate hai ... kaamyabi hum tak nahi aati, hum mein kaamyabi tak jaana hota hai
You don't get chances, you create them ... success doesn't come to us, you have to go to success
# 5
Chaand aur chaandani juda ho sakte hai ... phool aur khushboo alag ho sakte hai ... magar ab hum ek doosre se kabhi door nahi honge, kabhi nahi
The moon and the moonlight can separate ... a flower and its fragrance can separate ... but now we will never be far away from each other, never
# 6
Stardom ek cocktail hai ... fame, power, money ... bahut khatarnaak nasha hai
Stardom is a cocktail ... fame, power, money ... it is a very deadly intoxication
# 7
I don't believe in destiny ... I believe in me
I don't believe in destiny ... I believe in me
# 8
Sapne toh sabi dekhte hai ... lekin sirf wohi sapna sakaar hota hai ... joh lakh samjhane par bhi insaan bhulana nahi chahta
Everyone dreams ... but only that dream comes true ... which a person never forgets no matter what
# 9
Yahan talent ke saath saath luck bhi bahut bada factor hota hai
Here, along with talent luck is also a very big factor
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