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Release Year - 1976
# 1
Maika ladki ke liye ek sarai jaisa hota hai ... jahan aadmi raat bhar aaram toh kar sakta hai ... lekin zindagi bhar ka thikana nahi kar sakta
The maternal home for a girl is like a resting place ... where she can relax for a night ... but it can't become her home for the entire life
# 2
Bhagyawan wohi hoti hai joh do kandhon pe savaar apne babul ke ghar se jaati hai ... aur char kandhon pe savaar apne dulha ke ghar se nikalti hai
A girl is lucky if she leaves her fathers house on the support of two shoulders ... and if she leaves her husbands house on the support of four shoulders
# 3
Shaadi ek yagya hota hai ... jis mein aadmi ko sukh paane ke liye apne ahankar ki aahuti deni padti hai
Marriage is a ritual ... in which a person to sacrifice their ego the achieve happiness
# 4
Dil ke kuch taar aaise hote hai jinse woh khabaren bhi mil jaati hai ... joh bheji nahi jaati
Some connections of heart are such that they give out the news ... which is not even sent out
# 5
Nagin dushman ko maarne ke liye kabhi kabhi insaan ka roop dharan kar leti hai ... lekin tumhare jaisa insaan ki shakal mein naag aaj tak pehda nahi hua
Sometimes a snake lady takes the appearance of a human to kill her enemies ... but a person in the face of a snake like you has never been born till today
# 6
Pati patni ka rishta faulad se zyada mazboot hota hai ... joh lakhon hathodon ke zor se bhi toda nahi ja sakta ... aur kabhi kabhi ek phool se zyada nazuk hota hai ... joh saans ki garmi se bhi ulaz-julaz jaye
The relationship of a husband and a wife is stronger than steel ... which cannot be broken even by the force of lakhs of hammers ... and sometimes it is more tender than a single flower ... which can get wilted even by the warmth of breathing
# 7
Aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaare ho gaye ... hum tumhare aur tum hamare ho gaye
The eyes connected and made gestures ... I've become yours and you've become mine
# 8
Duniya mein sabse buri aag badle ki aag hoti hai ... chahe woh kisi insaan mein ho ya janwar mein
The worst fire in the world is the fire of revenge ... whether that is within a person or an animal
# 9
Yeh aankhen kisi aur ko dikhana ... varna tumhare is chaupte se yeh do button nikalkar apne kurte mein fit kar doonga
Show these eyes to someone else ... or else I'll remove these two buttons from your face and I'll fit them on my shirt
# 10
Nastik ko aastik banana uparwaale ka bayen haath ka khel hai
Turning an atheist into a theist is child's play for god
# 11
Nagin ka nasha sharaab aur aurat ke nashe se zyada hota hai
The intoxication from a snake lady is more than that from alcohol and women
# 12
Dharam ki aag se dil ke chirag jalte hai ... bhatakne waale issi roshni mein jalte hai
The lamps of the heart burn with the fire of religion ... the people who roam around burn in this light
# 13
Mard do zaat ke hote hai ... ek joh bewakoof pehda hote hai ... doosre joh bewakoof banaye jaate hai
Men are of two types ... one who are born foolish ... and second who can be fooled
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