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Release Year - 2003
# 1
Amir se amir aadmi kabhi kabhi itna gareeb ho jaata hai ... ki uske paas paise ke sivah kuch nahi hota
Even the richest person sometimes becomes so poor ... that other than money he has nothing
# 2
Mohabbat mein hum jeeye hai jeeyenge ... woh honge koi aur marr jaane waale
I have lived and will live in love ... they must be others who have died in love
# 3
Choti machliyan badi machliyon ko dhamki kabhi nahi deti
Small fishes never threaten big fishes
# 4
Jab zakhm, zakhm ke samne mooh kholta hai ... toh bharne lagta hai
When a wound opens its mouth in front of a wound ... then it starts to heal
# 5
Yeh system mujhe aaj tak samajh nahi aaya ... road par tezz chalao toh police pakadti hai ... race mein tezz chalao toh inaam milta hai
I haven't understood this system till today ... if you drive fast on the road then the police catches you ... but if you drive fast in a race then you are rewarded
# 6
Pardes mein rehne se apna khoon paraya nahi ho jaata
Living in a foreign country doesn't turn our own blood into a strangers one
# 7
Karate ho ke life ... dard se hi mard banta hai
Be it karate or life ... its pain that makes a man
# 8
Woh Jackie Chan hai toh main Johnny Chan hoon ... woh Hong Kong hai toh main Hindustan hoon ... mujhe side nah de toh suicide hai ... mere left se bache toh right hai ... kai aaye kai marre, Johnny Chan se sabhi darre
If he is Jackie Chan then I am Johnny Chan ... if he is Hong Kong then I am India ... if you don't give me the side then it is suicide for you ... if you get away from my left then my right is there ... many came many died, everyone is scared of Johnny Chan
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