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Release Year - 1986
# 1
Ek goli daali aur paanch ghar khali ... yun lagali aur goli chalali ... joh jeeta woh zinda, joh haara woh murda
Put one bullet and leave five slots empty ... take an aim and fire ... the one who wins lives, and the one who loses dies
# 2
Mohabbat mein pehle dil haara jaata hai ... wohi mohabbat ki jeet hai
In love you first lose your heart ... and that is the victory in love
# 3
Jaan ki baazi lagane waala hota hai janbaaz ... jeene ka hai marne ka hai, apna hi andaz
Those who gamble with their life are adventurous ... and they have their own style of living and dying
# 4
Rishtey hone se nahi ... maanne aur nibhane se bante hai
Relationships are made by believing in them and fulfilling them ... not by their existence
# 5
Har insaan ko apni zindagi jeene ka aur apni maut marne ka haq hai ... lekin hum mein maut ko bhoolkar, zindagi ko gaale laga lena chahiye
Every person has the right to live his own life and to die his own death ... but we should forget death and we should hug life
# 6
Hamare dhande mein jazbaat aur rishtey nahi dekhe jaate
In our business we don't consider emotions and relations
# 7
Daulat mein bahut vazan hota hai
Money has a lot of weight
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