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Sonu Sood

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# 21
Koi bhi fauji jung nahi chahta ... kyun ki usse hone wale nuksaan ko usse behtar koi nahi jaanta
No soldier wants a war ... because no one knows better than him the loss that comes with it
# 22
Uski life mein koi bhi problem ho ... mujhe lagta hai woh meri problem hai
If she has any problem in her life ... I feel as if it's my problem
# 23
Ek ne kahi duje ne maani ... Nanak kahe dono gyani
When one person says it and the other person does it ... then god calls both of them as smart ones
# 24
Hathyar fauji ke shareer ka hissa hote hai
Weapons are a part of a soldier's body
# 25
Zindagi mein itni shiddat se nibhao apna kirdhaar ... ke parda girna ke baad bhi taaliyan bajhti rahe
Fulfill your character in life with such honesty that ... the applauses continue even after the curtain falls
# 26
Hamari industry bhi poori chaka-chaund se bhari hui hai ... yeh lights dekh rahe ho na, inke peeche bahut andhera hai ... aur is andhere se roshni ke safar mein sirf chaar kadam ka faasla hai ... par in chaar kadamo ko laangne mein kahi baar logon ko saalo lag jaate hai
Our (film) industry is filled with limelight ... you see those lights, behind them its very dark ... and the distance between the darkness and these lights is only of four steps ... but many a times people take many many years to cross these four steps
# 27
Sapne sabhi log dekhte hai ... lekin sakaar unke hote hai joh jeena jaante hai ... main bheed mein se ek tha ... phir lakhon mein se ek ... aur aaj karodon mein se ek ... so go for your dreams
Everyone dreams ... but it only comes true for those people who know how to live ... I was one amongst the crowd ... then I was one amongst lakhs ... and today I'm one amongst millions ... so go for your dreams
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