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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Raah chalte ko main chhedta nahi ... aur joh mujhe chhedta hai main usse chhodta nahi
I don't tease anyone ... but the one who teases me, I don't leave him alone
# 2
Yeh kalyug hai kalyug ... yahan log sirf ek hi matlab ke liye jeete hai ... apne matlab ke liye
This is the age of vice ... people here live only for one reason ... and that's for their very own reason
# 3
Dard hai ghutne mein toh takleef hai uthne mein
It's hard for me to stand up since I have pain in my knees
# 4
Joh deto traas, tyancha mi gheto class
Whoever will trouble me, I'll punish them in my class
# 5
Main paiso ka nahi sirf pyar ka bhookha hoon ... aur mujhe pyar sirf paiso se hai
I'm only hungry for love and not money ... but I'm only in love with money
# 6
Temper nahi ... otherwise my temper will hamper you
Don't increase my temper ... otherwise my temper will hamper you
# 7
Aye kidhar pe bhi de ... par sar pe nahi
You can hit me wherever you want ... but not on my head
# 8
Hello bhai from another aai
Hello brother from another mother
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