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Release Year - 1995
# 1
Pyar jab bagawat par utar aata hai ... toh koi taqat usse nahi rok sakti ... na insaan ki, na kudrat ki
When love comes down to revolution ... then no power can stop it ... not of a human, and neither that of god
# 2
Hum tumhe aaisi maut denge ... ki log kutte ko bhulakar tumhari maut ki misaal diya karenge
I will give you such a death ... that people will forget the dog and they will give examples of your death
# 3
Kuch dard aaise bhi hai jinse tum waqif nahi ... aaise dard jisse Tina ki toh kya ... insaan ko khud apni pehchan tak bhula dete hai
There are some pains that you are not aware of ... the pains from which forget Tina ... any person will forget his own identity
# 4
Main yahan dosti karne aaya hoon ... ghulami karne nahi
I have come here to make friends ... not to be a slave
# 5
Pyar karne waale kisi ke mana karne par kab ruke hai ... yeh dil toh pagal deewana hai, yeh toh pyar karega ... yeh na kabhi dara hai duniya se, na kabhi darega
Lovers have never stopped when someone has said them no ... this heart is crazy, and it will love ... this heart has never been scared, and it will never be scared of this world
# 6
Saat lakh kya, saat crore kya ... main toh saat janamon mein bhi uski ek muskaan na bechun
Forget 7 lakhs, forget 7 crores ... I won't even sell her one smile for the next 7 life's
# 7
Joh pyar karte hai woh sar jhukakar nahi sar uthakar baat karte hai
People in love talk with their heads held high and not by bowing their heads down
# 8
Meri teen baatein yaad rakhna bete ... sachai se kabhi mooh modna nahi, zulm ke aage kabhi jhukna nahi, dil ki pehli awaaz sunna ... kyun ki pehli awaaz parmatma ki hoti hai ... bad mein shaitan bolta hai
Remember these 3 things my son ... never turn your face against the truth, never bow down in front of injustice, listen first to your heart ... because the first voice is that of god ... and then the devil speaks
# 9
Agar daayen baayen ke chakkar mein nishana chook gaya ... toh main aapko tadapne ka mauka bhi nahi doonga
If you miss the target in trying to aim for the right or the left ... then I won't even give you the chance to wriggle
# 10
Jisse dekho sharif aadmi dhoondta hai ... kyun ki ek sharif aadmi ki wajah se dus badmaashon ka ghar chalta hai
Everyone is looking for a honest person ... because the houses of ten wicked people depends on one honest person
# 11
Gurrao mat ... hamare samne joh gurrate hai ... hum unki khaal udhadwakar us mein bhusa bharwa dete hai
Don't growl ... those who growl in front of me ... I rip their skin off and I fill chaff in them
# 12
Jitna woh Negi ko tarsayega ... utna hi Negi usse tadpayega
The more he tantalizes Negi ... that much more Negi will make him wriggle
# 13
Pyar mein khud pe barchiyan chale toh koi gham nahi ... magar pyar ko koi gaali de toh uska taitwa nikaal ke junglee kutton ko daal do
There is no problem if we ourselves get speared in love ... but if someone curses our love then you should cut his throat and feed it to wild dogs
# 14
Aadmi ke vichaar aur harkaton ka shehar ya jungle se koi sambandh nahi hota ... aur na hi ameeri gareebi se koi vasta
A persons thoughts and deeds have no relationship to the city or jungle ... and neither does it have any connection with being rich or poor
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