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Race 3

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Jis race se mujhe nikaalne ki baat kar rahe hai yeh bewakoof ... woh nahi jaante hai ... us race ka sikandar main hoon
The race from which these fools are talking about eliminating me ... they don't know that ... I'm the king of that race
# 2
Pariwar ke liye agar kisi ki jaan bhi leni pade ... tab bhi hum peeche nahi hatenge
Even if we have to take someone's life for our family ... then to we won't step back
# 3
Hamare business pe koi nazar daale woh hum mein bardaash nahi ... our business is our business ... none of your business
We don't tolerate if anyone sets their eyes on our business ... our business is our business ... none of your business
# 4
Yeh race zindagi ki race hai ... kisi ki zindagi leke hi khatam hogi
This race is the race of life ... it'll end only after taking someone's life
# 5
Itihaas ki ek bahut buri aadat hai ... yeh hamesha apne aapko daurata hai
History has one very bad habit ... it always repeats itself
# 6
Gusse mein liya hua decision hamesha nuksaan pahunchata hai ... is liye pehle maine decision liya and now I'm getting angry, very angry
A decision taken in anger always harms you ... that's why I took the decision first and now I'm getting angry, very angry
# 7
Hamare business mein dushman jitne kam ho ... utna hi business badta hai
The fewer the number of enemies we have in our business ... that much more our business grows
# 8
Yeh zindagi ki race ke jhatke hai ... yeh pehda hone se pehle shuru hote hai ... aur na marne ke baad khatam hote hai
These are the jerks of the race of life ... they start even before one is born ... and they don't end even after death
# 9
Jab sher jungle mein shikaar karta hai ... toh pehle woh khud khata hai ... phir usse geedad aur giddh khate hai ... aur joh kuch bacha kucha hota hai usse zameen ke keede makaude khate hai ... aur meri nazar mein teri aukaat keede makaude ki bhi nahi hai
When a lion hunts in the jungle ... then he himself eats the kill first ... then jackals and vultures eat it ... then the ground insects eat whatever is left ... and in my opinion you're not even an insect
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