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Udta Punjab

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Hamaar sunba na toh ganiyan phatt jayi
If you listen to my story then your a*s will rip apart
# 2
Nasha gala banda karta hai ... par aundha effect poori family te hota hai
An individual is the one who takes drugs ... but it's effect is felt by his entire family
# 3
Saare gabru toh sooiyan lagake tight hai madam ... ab ladies ko kuch karna padega na
All the guys are intoxicated by taking the injection of drugs ... hence now the ladies will have to do something
# 4
Maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ke liye kuch nahi kiya ... ek vaar kar lene de yaar ... mukti mil jaani hai mujhe
Till today I've never done anything for anyone ... let me do one thing my friend ... I'll get liberation from it
# 5
Maal khatam ... party over ... go home!
The stock is finished ... party over ... go home!
# 6
Baari barsi khatan gaya si khat ke leyanda frock ... O bhangda ta sajda jade kade Tommy chitti chitti c*ck
I'd gone away for 12 years and when I came back I brought a frock ... the bhangra dance is amazing when Tommy removes his fair c*ck
# 7
Pehle banda ban jaa ... phir banna VIP
First become a human being ... then try to become a VIP
# 8
Tere yahan dil nahi hai ... ithe cocaine hai
You don't have a heart ... you have cocaine there
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