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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Kisi bhi cheez ki kamyabi mein saath toh bahut log dete hai ... lekin uski wajah banta hai ek dushman
In any success many people give their support ... but the reason behind it is one enemy
# 2
Aankh, kaan, naak, mooh, dil, dimaag, haath, pair ... yeh saare purze milkar jis kaam par mehnat karte hai ... us hi ko chori kehte hai
Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, mind, hands, legs ... when all these parts come together and work hard on something ... then that work is called as stealing
# 3
Main kisi kaam mein utar gaya toh poora kiye bina nahi chhodta ... aur naa hone waala kaam leta hi nahi
Once I take up a job then I don't leave it without completing it ... and I don't take a job that cannot be completed
# 4
Idea aur papad ek jaise hai ... thanda parne padh bekaar ho jaate hai
An idea and papadum are similar ... they become useless once they go cold
# 5
Kisi bhi dhande mein soo sakte hai ... par bina sooye ek hi dhanda hota hai ... chori ka dhanda
You can sleep in any business ... but only one business can be done without sleeping ... the business of stealing
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