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Amjad Khan

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# 1
Gabbar ke taap se tumhe ek hi aadmi bacha sakta hai, ek hi aadmi ... khud Gabbar
Only one man can save you from Gabbar's anger, only one man ... Gabbar himself
# 2
Arrey oh Sambha ... kitna inaam rakhe hai sarkar ham par?
Hey Sambha ... how much price money has the government kept on me?
# 3
Kitney aadmi the?
How many men were there?
# 4
Bahut yaraana lagta hai
It seems you are very close friends
# 5
Jab tak tere pair chalenge uski saans chalegi ... tere pair ruke toh yeh bandook chalegi
He will live until your legs keep moving ... if your legs stop then this gun will fire
# 6
Tera kya hoga Kaalia?
What will happen to you Kaalia?
# 7
Joh darr gaya ... samjho marr gaya
If one is scared ... means he is dead
# 8
Yeh haath humko de de Thakur
Give me these hands Thakur
# 9
Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein ... jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja ... soo ja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aa jayega
In a village fifty kilometers from here ... when a child cries in the night, then the mom says sleep my son ... sleep or else Gabbar Singh will come
# 10
Holi kab hai ... kab hai Holi, kab?
When is Holi ... when is Holi, when?
# 11
Ab goli kha
Now eat a bullet
# 12
Soowar ke bachcho!
Sons of pigs!
# 13
Yeh Ramgarh waale apni betiyon ko kaun chakki ka pisa aata khilate hai re?
Which flour mill do these people from Ramgarh use to feed their daughters?
# 14
Kya samajhkar aaye the ... ki sardar bahut khush hoga, shabashi dega?
What did you think and come here ... that the boss will be very happy and he will praise you?
# 15
Iski sazaa milegi ... barabar milegi!
You will be punished for this ... properly punished!
# 16
Is pistol mein teen zindagi, teen maut bandh hai ... dekhen kisse kya milta hai
In this gun there are 3 lifes and 3 deaths ... let's see who gets what
# 17
Che goli aur aadmi teen ... bahut nainsaafi hai yeh
Six bullets and three people ... that's injustice
# 18
Daulat ka pedh jab bhi ughta hai ... paap ki zameen mein hi ughta hai
Whenever a tree of money grows ... it grows in the grounds of evil
# 19
Bach gaya saala!
Bloody he got saved!
# 20
Jis din main bhaag nikla ... bahut pachtaoge Thakur
Thakur, the day I run out ... you will repent a lot
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