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Soha Ali Khan

# 1
Dil koi kiraye ka ghar nahi hota ... ki ek jaye, doosra aaye
The heart is not a rental house ... where after one goes, another one comes along
# 2
Naino se naino ke teer chalte hai toh pakad mein nahi aate ... magar jab kisi ke liye honth kuch karate hai toh phool jadte hai
When the eyes of two people connect then you can't catch them ... but when your lips make you do something for someone, then it's like flowers are falling
# 3
Vimaan mein emergency ke char dwar hote hai ... aage do dwar, peeche do dwar ... charon na khule toh Haridwar
There are four emergency doors in an airplane ... two in the front, two at the back ... and if all four don't open then you'll go to Haridwar
# 4
Zindagi sirf rainbow ke saath rang nahi hai ... us mein hazaron rang hote hai
Life is just not the seven colours of the rainbow ... it has thousands of colours in it
# 5
Shaadi ek sandal ki tarah hoti hai ... pehle se agar woh ghis jaye toh baad mein sirf maarne ke kaam aati hai
Marriage is like a sandal ... if it tears beforehand then later it can only be useful for beating
# 6
Katghare mein khada yeh aadmi ek aaisa pati hai ... jiska bas chalta toh shaadi ke din apne patni ko mangalsutra ka dhaaga nahi, Kamasutra ki copy deta ... joh chahta hai ki har subah uski patni Ramayan ka paath nahi, vatsyayan ka paath pade
This person standing in the paling is such a husband ... who if had the control then he would have given his wife a copy of the Kamasutra on their wedding day, and not a wedding necklace ... who wishes that his wife reads a lesson of erotica every morning, and not a lesson of Ramayana
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