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Aamir Khan

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# 141
Bhagwan se toh kayi baar aapko maang liya hai ... bas ab aapse aapko maangna baaki hai
I have asked god many a times for you ... but now what's remaining is to ask you for you
# 142
Haai is ada pe kaun na mar jaye khuda ... ke ladte hai aur haath mein talwar bhi nahi
Oh god who will not die on this style ... she fights and she doesn't even have a sword in her hand
# 143
Daulat se kai zyada ooncha darja us insaan ka hota hai ... jiske usool aur adarsh oonche ho ... aur jinhe banaye rakhne ke khatir woh badi se badi qurbani de sakta hai
Bigger than money is the status of a person ... who has high principles and values ... and for maintaining them he can even give the biggest sacrifice
# 144
Joh doosro ko tapkane ki himmat rakhte hai ... un mein khud bhi tapakne ka kaleja rehta hai
Those who have the courage to kill others ... they also have the courage to die
# 145
Adhikar maange se nahi milta ... usse cheenna padta hai
You don't get your right by asking ... you have to snatch it
# 146
Shaitaan chahe mahal mein rahe yah jhopde mein ... woh shaitaan hi kehlata hai
Whether a devil resides in a mansion or a hut ... he is still called a devil only
# 147
Khwab aur hakikat mein jab bhi jung hoti hai ... khwab haar jaata hai
Whenever there is a battle between a dream and reality ... the dream loses
# 148
Hindustani aadmi ka imaan koi paan supari nahi ki khaya aur thook diya ... dushman ki gardan pakad leta hai yeh imaan ... aur tab tak nahi chhodta jab tak ki dushman ke pran na nikal jaaye
The honour of an Indian is not like tobacco which you can chew and spit it out ... this honour has grab the enemy by the neck ... and it doesn't leave it until the enemy dies
# 149
Doodh agar sookh bhi jaye toh koi marta hai kya ... lekin bade bhai ke khoon ke baad agar chote bhai ka khoon sookh jaye ... toh yeh maut se bhi bhattar hai
No one dies if the milk dries up ... but if the blood of the younger brother dries up after the murder of the elder brother ... then it's even worse than death
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