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Jawani Zindabad

Release Year - 1990
# 1
Bhagwan se toh kayi baar aapko maang liya hai ... bas ab aapse aapko maangna baaki hai
I have asked god many a times for you ... but now what's remaining is to ask you for you
# 2
Agar kabhi phir se shaadi karoonga toh aaisi khubsoorat ladki se ... joh hotel mein entry kare toh lage Sridevi, drawing room mein behti ho toh Madhuri Dixit, aur andar ke room mein ho toh Kimi Khaatpar ... matlab Katkar
If I ever get married again then I'll marry such a beautiful girl ... who looks like Sridevi when she enters a hotel, Madhuri Dixit when she is sitting in the drawing room, and Kimi Khaatpar when she is in the room inside ... I mean Katkar
# 3
Apni zindagi toh aaise chal rahi hai jaise ee desh ko tohri sarkar ... bina engine ke handle, upar se scandal pe scandal
My life is going on just like your government for this country ... it's a handle without an engine, and on top of that there are many scandals
# 4
Pair choone se bade chote nahi ho jaate hai ... magar chote joh hai woh khote zaroor ho jaate hai
By touching the feet a big person doesn't become small ... but a small person definitely becomes insincere
# 5
Pedh, nadi aur dharti se bada koi daani nahi ... aur foren joh apni bhool sudhaar le usse bada koi gyani nahi
There is no bigger giver than a tree, river and earth ... and no learned person is bigger than the one who corrects his mistake right away
# 6
Shareer ke botal mein jawani ka khoon joh hai woh sode ki tarah ubal raha hai ... kyun ki jawani rang hai, bahaar hai, khumaar hai, suroor hai, guroor hai ... ashaon ka khilna hai, mann ka milna hai, mann ki mannat hai, dil ki jannat hai
The blood of youth is boiling like soda in the bottle of the body ... because youth is colour, is spring, is intoxication, is pleasure, is pride ... it's the blossoming of desires, it's the meeting of the hearts, it's a wish of the heart, it's the heaven of the heart
# 7
Hum saadharan premi nahi ... desh premi hai
I'm not a simple lover ... I'm a patriot
# 8
Aapka suputra bahut samajhdar hai ... yeh maana ki teekhi dhaar hai, magar zara dildar hai
Your son is very sensible ... I agree that he is a bit rude, but he is slightly beloved as well
# 9
Yeh hi Mama Banarasi ka dhanda hai ... gale mein samasya ka phanda hai ... magar Mama Banarasi kaatte hai aur shaadi byah ke rishtey ko prasad ke ladoo ki tarah baantte hai
This is Mama Banarasi's business ... there is a hangman's knot of problems in the neck ... but Mama Banarasi cuts that and distributes the relationships of marriage like a sweet from a religious offering
# 10
Is duniya mein bahut sari khushkismat jawaniyan aaisi hai jinke saron par baap ke daulat ki chhat hai ... joh apne pair pe nahi baap ke pair pe chalti hai ... aur baap ki jeb ko apna dil banake duniya mein jeeti hai
In this world there are many lucky youngsters who have the roof of their father's wealth on them ... those who walk on their father's legs and not on their legs ... and those who make their father's pocket as their heart and live in this world
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