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Aatank Hi Aatank

Release Year - 1995
# 1
Revolver se zyada khatarnak cheez agar koi hai ... toh woh hai tumhari aankhen
If there is anything more dangerous than a revolver ... then it's your eyes
# 2
Samundar ke kinare rehne waala nadiyon se nahi darte ... aur na keechad mein palne waala khoon ke cheeton se bhaagte hai
Those who stay near the ocean shore are not scared of rivers ... and neither do the people who grow in mud run away from the marks of blood
# 3
Gore rang pe agar kaala til padh bhi jaye toh usse khurajkar nahi mitaya jaata ... balki log uska aur ehsaan mante hai ... is liye ki woh buri nazar se bachata bhi hai
If you have a black mole on a white body then you don't scratch that to erase it ... instead people thank for it ... because it saves us from the evil eyes
# 4
Doodh agar sookh bhi jaye toh koi marta hai kya ... lekin bade bhai ke khoon ke baad agar chote bhai ka khoon sookh jaye ... toh yeh maut se bhi bhattar hai
No one dies if the milk dries up ... but if the blood of the younger brother dries up after the murder of the elder brother ... then it's even worse than death
# 5
Ladkiyan kapdo ki itni deewani hoti hai ki agar unka bas chale ... toh kafan mein bhi chand sitare dhakava le
Girls are so crazy about clothes that if it was in their hands ... then they would have added the moon and the stars in their shroud as well
# 6
Mitti jab jalti hai toh uska asar sirf fasal par hi nahi ... aane waali sari nasal par asar hota hai
When the soil burns then the effect of that is not only seen on the crops ... but even on the future generations to come
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