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Pyaar Impossible

Release Year - 2010
# 1
I'm just a girl ... but with you I feel like a princess
I'm just a girl ... but with you I feel like a princess
# 2
Pyar kare toh mujhse kare ... is liye nahi kyun ki main usse pyar karta hoon
She should love me for me ... not because I love her
# 3
Zindagi mein jeet sirf ussi ki nahi hoti hai joh strong hota hai, tezz hota hai, chalaak hota hai ... anth mein jeet uski hoti hai joh apne upar vishvas kar sakta hai
The ones who win in life aren't always the stronger, faster, clever ones ... in the end the one who wins is the one who believes in himself
# 4
Is duniya mein do kisam ke log hote hai ... ek tumhare jaise joh cheezein banate hai aur ek mere jaise joh unhe bechte hai ... aur aaj ki duniya mein mere jaise log ke bina, tum jaise log kahin ke nahi hote
In this world there are two types of people ... people like you who make things and people like me who sell those things ... and in today's world without people like me, people like you would be nowhere
# 5
Is impossible pyar ko possible sirf tum hi bana sakte ho aur koi nahi
This impossible love story can only be made possible by you and no one else
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