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Rowdyism Dialogues

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# 241
Naam pooche se pehle diaper toh pehan lo ... saaf kya tumhara baap karega
Wear a diaper before you ask my name ... otherwise who's going to clean, will it be your dad
# 242
Saare kaam bhagwan khud nahi karta ... kuch kaam hum jaise shaitano ke liye chhod deta hai
God doesn't do all the work ... he leaves some work for devils like us
# 243
Pehle toh kisi ko chhedo nahi ... aur koi tumko chhede toh usko chhodo nahi
First don't bother anyone ... and if someone bothers you then don't leave them
# 244
Jab hum kash lagate hai ... toh hamare dushman gash khakar gir jaate hai
When I take a puff ... then my enemies get surprised and fall down
# 245
Main un logo ki gundagiri ko maut ki woh vardi pehnaonga ... jise kafan kehte hai, kafan
I'll make their rowdyism wear a uniform of death ... which is called shroud, shroud
# 246
Bhai muh-bola ho ya sagaa ... apun ke pyar ke beech aaya toh beech se hi cheer dalega
Be it an adopted brother or a real one ... if he comes in the middle of my love then I'll tear him open from the middle itself
# 247
Kayde mein rahoge toh fayde mein rahoge
If you stay within the rules then you'll be in profit
# 248
Maut se zyada ... maut ka darr kaam ka hai
More than death ... the scare of death is useful
# 249
Mooh se awaaz nikaali toh body se jaan nikaal doonga
If you make any noise from your mouth then I'll remove the life from your body
# 250
Hum kab aate hain aur kab jaate hain ... yeh toh taqdeer banane waale ko bhi malum nahi
When do I come and when do I go ... even God doesn't know that
# 251
Aaj main sarkar nahi ... super sarkar hai
Today I am not the government ... I am the super government
# 252
Hum unke darr se fayda hai ... maut se nahin
We benefit when they are scared ... not when they are dead
# 253
Main tujhe itni jagah se khol doonga ... ke poore shehar ke mochi milke tujhe phir se sil nahi payenge
I'll tear you apart from so many places that ... all the cobblers of the city won't be able to stitch you back
# 254
Ho aap vardi waale ... par aapke tevar hai gundo waale
You're a police officer ... but your attitude is like that of a goon
# 255
Singh jahan pair rakhta hai ... woh ilaaka uska ho jaata hai
Wherever Mr.Singh puts his feet ... that area becomes his
# 256
Mujhe sudhaarte sudhaarte ... sudhaarne waale bighad gaye
In trying to improve me ... the people who were trying to improve me became bad
# 257
Aye biscuit, aur ek baar chapri bola na saale ... chai mein dubo dungi, idhar-hich dhila hoke tapak jayega
Hey you biscuit, if you call me loafer one more time ... then I'll dip you in tea, and you'll get wet and you'll drop right here
# 258
Apun ka khopi ka jhopdi satka na ... toh tera hasti ka basti mitt jayega
If the hut in my mind goes crazy ... then I will erase the existence of your colony
# 259
Abhe oye kangaal bank se bhaagi hui jhooti chavani
A you untrusted quarter of an empty bank
# 260
Full confidence mein janeka aur ekdum vinamrata ke saath baat karneka
Go with full confidence and talk with modesty
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