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Makrand Deshpande

# 1
Maut se zyada ... maut ka darr kaam ka hai
More than death ... the scare of death is useful
# 2
Mumbai shehar ek aaisi shakhsiyat hai joh us mein basne waale har ek ki taqdeer ke upar ... apni khud ki ek taqdeer likhti hai
Mumbai city is a personality which writes its own destiny ... above the destiny of each and every person living in it
# 3
Politician sabse bada bhai hai
Politician is the biggest goon
# 4
Ek gaya apan ke dhande mein ... to sab jaayega
If one goes in our business ... then all will go
# 5
Underworld kabhi marta nahi ... sirf uska roop badalta rehta hai
The underworld never dies ... it just changes its appearance
# 6
Poore brahmand mein bina koi kaaran kuch ghatta nahi hai
In this entire universe everything happens for a reason
# 7
Jawani mein alag hota hai ... vastu aasmaan mein pheko neeche aa jaati hai ... par bhudape mein neeche ki vastu upar nahi jaati
It's different when you're young ... if you throw something up in the air then it comes down ... but in old age the stuff that's down, doesn't even go up
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