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Gangubai Kathiawadi

Release Year - 2022
# 1
Zameen pe baithi bahut achi lag rahi hai tu ... aadat daal le ... kyun ki teri kursi toh gayi
You're looking very good sitting on the ground ... get habituated to this ... because you've lost the chair of your position
# 2
Arre jab shakti, sampatti, sadbuddhi, yeh teeno hi auratein hai ... toh in mardon ko kis baat ka guroor
When women are the embodiment of all three, power, wealth and intelligence ... then what makes these men feel so superior
# 3
Aap se zyada izzat hai hamare paas ... poocho kaise ... aap ki izzat ek baar gayi toh gayi ... hum toh roz raat ko izzat bechti hai ... saali khatam'ich nahi hoti
I have more dignity than you ... ask me how ... if you lose your dignity once then it's gone forever ... but I sell my dignity every night ... and yet it never ends
# 4
Izzat se jeene ka, kisi se darne ka nahi ... na police se, na MLA se, na mantri se, na bhadwon se, kisi ke baap se nahi darne ka
Live with respect and don't fear anyone ... not the police, not the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), not the minister, not the pimps, absolutely don't fear anyone
# 5
Hum dil mein aag aur chehre par gulaab rakhte hai ... mitakar aapke mardon ki bhookh hum un auraton ka rubaab rakhte hai
We keep fire in our heart and a rose on our face ... we extinguish the lust of your men and we're proud to be women
# 6
Jab shareef log hamare kothe pe aate hai ... toh hamara naam hota hai aur woh badnaam ho jaate hai
When noble people come to our brothel ... then we become famous and they get defamed
# 7
Log humein beimaan samajhte hai ... koi baat nahi ... beimaani ka kaam karne ka imaandari ke saath ... poore imaandari ke saath
People think that we're dishonest ... don't worry about it ... you do your dishonest work with honesty ... with full honesty
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