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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Gully cricket mein toh sab Tendulkar hai ... asli talent woh hota hai joh bhare maidan ke bahar sixer maar sake
Everyone is Sachin Tendulkar in gully cricket ... but true talent is when someone hits a six out of the ground filled with spectators
# 2
Jab bache baat nahi maante toh unhe kahani sunai jaati hai ... jab badhe baat nahi maante toh unhe raaz bataye jaate hai
When kids don't listen then you tell them stories ... and when elders don't listen then you tell them secrets
# 3
Hamara rishta din aur raat jaisa hai ... dono ek doosre ke mohtaj hai ... aur ek saath reh bhi nahi sakte
Our relationship is like day and night ... we both are dependent on each other ... and we can't live together as well
# 4
Main tujhe itni jagah se khol doonga ... ke poore shehar ke mochi milke tujhe phir se sil nahi payenge
I'll tear you apart from so many places that ... all the cobblers of the city won't be able to stitch you back
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