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Shakuntala Devi

Release Year - 2020
# 1
(Kya hai aapki age?) - Main beete huye kal se ek din badi hoon ... aur aane wale kal se ek din choti hoon ... now you do the math
(What's your age?) - I'm one day elder than yesterday ... and one day younger than tomorrow ... now you do the math
# 2
Maa zyada pyar karle toh bache bighad jaate hai ... bachon ko thoda kam pyar karde toh bhi bache bighad jaate hai ... koi maa perfect maa hoti hi nahi hai
If a mother loves her child a lot then the child becomes naughty ... and if she loves a little less then too the child becomes naughty ... that's why no mother is perfect
# 3
Maa ko bhagwan ka nahi ... bhagwan ko maa ka darja diya jaata hai
A mother isn't given the status of god ... in fact god is given the status of a mother
# 4
Har maa yehi chahti hai na ki uski beti usse sirf ek maa ki tarah nahi ... kabhi kabhi genius ki tarah bhi dekhe
Every mother desires that her daughter looks at her not just as a mother ... but at times as a genius as well
# 5
Bachon ka zindagi bhar apne maa baap par haq hota hai ... par maa baap ka bachon pe nahi hota hai ... yehi duniya ki reet hai
Children have a right on their parents for the entire life ... but parents don't have that life long right on their children ... this is a ritual of the world
# 6
Doosre kya sochte hai sochne lagenge, toh saari zindagi bhar sochte hi reh jayenge
If we start thinking about what others think about us, then we'll just keep thinking for our entire life
# 7
Teaching means learning every day
Teaching means learning every day
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