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Jugjugg Jeeyo

Release Year - 2022
# 1
Rishta tootne ki koi ek wajah nahi hoti ... bahut si adhoori ladaiyon ki thakaan hoti hai bas
There's never a single reason for a broken relationship ... it's just that it's the tiredness from a lot of incomplete fights
# 2
Itna bhajan kirtan teri maa karti hai na ... toh mujhe darr hai ek din bhagwan khud prakat honge aur request karenge ... please yeh chamach dholak bajana band karo ... dev lok mein log soo nahi paa rahe hai
Your mother sings so many prayers that ... I fear one day God himself will appear in front of us and request that ... please stop playing all these makeshift musical instruments ... because people are unable to sleep in heaven
# 3
Dabake rakhna theek nahi hai ... na emotion, na motion
It's not a good thing to suppress ... neither emotion, nor motion
# 4
Jab baap bete ke dole shole same ho jaye na ... toh woh dost ban jaate hai
When the biceps of father and son become the same size ... then they become friends
# 5
Duniya ka sabse bada festival pata hai kaunsa hai ... gharwali ... kyun ki usse baar baar manana padta hai
Do know what's the biggest festival in the world ... a wife ... because you have to pacify her all the time
# 6
Shaadi vagaira na bahut mushkil cheez hoti hai ... vegetarian sherni ke gufa mein rehne jaisi mushkil ... woh tumhe khayegi nahi kyun ki woh vegetarian hai ... lekin darati rehegi dahaadein maar maar ke ... oow, oow
Being married is a very tough thing ... it's tough like living in a cave of a vegetarian tigress ... she won't eat you because she's vegetarian ... but she'll keep roaring and scaring you ... oow, oow
# 7
Mogambo toh phir bhi khush ho jaata hai ... lekin yeh biwiyan kabhi khush nahi hoti hai
Mogambo at least becomes happy at times ... but these wives will never be happy
# 8
Jaise ek ajeeb sa caterpillar beautiful butterfly ban jaata hai ... biwiyon ka ulta hai ... woh butterfly se caterpillar ban jaati hai
Like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly ... wives are opposite ... they turn from a butterfly into a caterpillar
# 9
Shaadi mein pyar hota hai toh samjhauta bhi hota hai ... saath hota hai toh ladaiyan bhi hoti hai ... lekin jahan respect na ho, bharosa na ho ... woh shaadi nahi bachti
If there's love in marriage then there's agreement as well ... if there's company then there's fighting as well ... but where there's no respect, no faith ... then that marriage won't survive
# 10
Kabootar gaya bar mein whiskey peeke leta ... tu agar apni maa ko yahan se leke gaya toh bahut pitega beta
A pigeon was lying down in a bar after drinking whiskey ... and if you my son take your mother from here, then I'll beat the hell out of you
# 11
Aadmi na life mein do hi cheezon se fresh hota hai ... ek potty karke, doosra party karke
Only two things in life can freshen up a person ... one is potty, and second is party
# 12
Insaan ya toh shaadi-shuda ho sakta hai ya toh khushal ho sakta hai ... dono kabhi nahi ho sakta hai
A man can either be married or be happy ... he can never be both
# 13
Jab baap beta razi ... toh khulegi aaj Yamazaki
When father and son both agree ... then today we'll open a bottle of Yamazaki
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