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Release Year - 1993
# 1
Ghar ka doodh chahe jitna shudh ho ... baazar ki chai peene ka kuch mazaa hi aur hota hai
No matter how pure the milk in the house is ... the fun of drinking tea from outside is something else
# 2
Duniya mein sab kuch mil jaye, sab kuch ... lekin maa nahi mili, toh samjho kuch nahi mila
Even if you get everything in this world ... but if you don't have a mother, then you don't have anything
# 3
Oonchai par rehne waale ko har waqt sar jhukakar baat karni padti hai ... aur neeche waale hamesha sar uthakar baat karte hai
People on the top always have to talk keeping their head down ... and the people at the bottom always talk with their head held high
# 4
Agar tum mere aur meri duty ke beech aaye ... toh main tumhare aur tumhari saanson ke beech aa jaonga
If you come in between me and my duty ... then I will come in between you and your breathes
# 5
Kal jab suraj doobega toh sirf aasman hi nahi ... hamare dushmano ke khoon se dharti bhi laal ho jayegi
Tomorrow when the sun sets then not only the sky ... but even the earth will turn red from the blood of our enemies
# 6
Joh log aag aur tezaab se bhi nahi jalte ... woh kabhi kabhi aasoonyon se jal jaate hai
Those who don't burn from fire and acid ... sometimes they get burnt from tears
# 7
Marna toh ek din sabko hai, lekin mujhe uski maut ... maut se pehle chahiye
Everyone has to die one day ... but I want his death, before death comes
# 8
Poore tirange ki toh baat hi chhodo ... iske ek ek dhage par jaan lutane waale kal bhi lakhon the aur aaj bhi lakhon hai ... Jai Hind!
Forget the whole Indian flag ... even for a single thread of it, there were millions of people yesterday and there are millions of people even today ready to give their life for it ... Hail India!
# 9
Main tumhe ek saath kahi mautein doonga
I will give you many deaths at one time
# 10
Main bhi azaadi ke pehle waali aurat nahi hoon ... joh chehre ki aarti utara karti thi ... main toh un mein se hoon joh badan se chehra utaar leti hoon
Even I am not a woman from the pre-independence age ... the one who worships the face ... I am someone who can detach the face from the body
# 11
Joh awaaz bhooke pet se nikalti hai ... woh door door tak jaati hai
The voice that comes out from an empty stomach ... that voice travels far away
# 12
Ek vidhva stree us maumbatti ki tarah hoti hai jis mein dhaga nahi hota ... aur aaisi maumbatti aag se pighal toh sakti hai lekin jal nahi sakti
A widow is like a candle that doesn't have a wick ... and such a candle can melt but it cannot burn
# 13
Mohabbat husn nahi dekhta aur inteqam umar nahi dekhta
Love doesn't look at the body and revenge doesn't look at the age
# 14
Auraton ke taanon se toh barf se bhi sholay uthne lagte hai
When women taunt, embers come out even from the ice
# 15
Zalim aakhir bahut kangaal hote hai ... woh maut ke alava aur kuch nahi de sakte
Oppressors are very poor ... they can't give anything other than death
# 16
Aadmi chahe jitna bhi teda ho ... arthi sabki seedhi hi nikalti hai
No matter how twisted a person is ... everyones funeral goes in a straight procession
# 17
Reghistan chahe kitna hi bada ho ... usse zyada vazan us mutthi bhar mitti ka hota hai ... jisne kisi paudhe ko janam diya ho
No matter how big a desert is ... it weighs less than a handful of mud ... that has given birth to a plant
# 18
Oonchai se pani ki dhar bhi gire ... toh pathar mein suraakh ho jaata hai
Even when water squirts from a height ... then a hole can be made in the stone
# 19
Duniya mein hajaam aur doctor hi aaise hote hai ... jinke haathon mein ustra hone ke bawajood bhi ... haskar log unke samne gardan jhuka dete hai
In this world a barber and a doctor are two such people ... who inspite of having a knife in their hand ... people bow down their head in front of them laughingly
# 20
Mere suhaag mein bhale hi khot tha ... lekin mere sindoor mein koi milavat nahi thi
My husband may have been bad ... but my vermilion was pure
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