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Kishore Kumar

# 1
Mohabbat ussi ka naam hai joh insaan ko qurbaaniya sikhati hai
Love is the name of a thing that teaches a person how to sacrifice
# 2
Duniya ki har jagah mohabbat ki nigahon mein pyari hoti hai
Every place of the world is beautiful in the sight of love
# 3
Aulad ki taqdeer maa ke aasoonyon se hi chamakti hai
The destiny of a child shines only with the tears of a mother
# 4
Gareeb ameer ka farak sirf haisiyat se hi nahi ... dil se bhi hota hai
The difference between the poor and the rich is not only of the status ... but also of the heart
# 5
Aadmi jab tak zindagi mein kuch ho na jaye ... uske apne bhi paraye ho jaate hai
Until a person becomes something in life ... even his dear ones act as strangers
# 6
Chota kaam kare toh mochi aur bada kare toh Bata ... chota kaam kare toh julaha aur bada kare toh khambata
If it's a small person doing the job then he is a cobbler and if it's a big person then he is Mr. Bata ... if it's a small person doing the job then he is from a low caste and if it's a big person then he is from a good family
# 7
Main tum bin adhoora, jaise namak bin daal ... daal bin bhat, bhat bin Bengal
I'm incomplete without you, just like lentil soup without salt ... like rice without lentil soup and Bengal without rice
# 8
Kab tak bolo chupi rahogi oh meri Asha ... maine padh li aaj tumhare naino ki basha
Asha tell me until when will you hide ... today I've read the language of your eyes
# 9
Peet ka bhai kaam nahi aata ... pet ka bachcha kaam nahi aata ... aakhir pallu ka paisa hi kaam aata hai
A supporting brother is of no use ... your own child from your belly is of no use ... finally only money is of use
# 10
Kismat aadmi ko dokha de sakti hai ... lekin bhagwan aadmi ko dokha nahi deta
Destiny can betray a man ... but god doesn't betray a man
# 11
Mohabbat ki ek manzil nahi hoti
Love doesn't have a single destination
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