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Release Year - 1989
# 1
Yeh dukh naam ki bimari ka ilaaj kisi doctor ke paas bhi nahi ... iska ilaaj khud dhoondna padta hai ... dukh ko bhoolna parta hai
No doctor has the cure for the disease of grief ... one has to find the cure for it themselves ... one has to forget grief
# 2
Dhande mein koi kisika bhai nahi, koi kisika beta nahi
In business no one is a brother, no one is a son
# 3
Apne saath kaam karna hai toh usse imtihaan mein toh bethna hi padega
If he wants to work with us then he must sit for the exam
# 4
Joh aadmi ek lakh rupaiy mein tujhe yeh khabar de sakta hai ... woh aadmi paanch lakh rupaiy mein tujhe yahan laakar bech bhi sakta hai
The man who can sell you this news for one lakh Rupees ... that man can also get you here and sell you for five lakh Rupees
# 5
Jis tarah tumne doosron ka khoon bahaya hai ... waise hi ek din tumhare apno ka khoon bahega ... kyun ki woh saari goliyaan joh tumne doosron ke seeno par chalayi hai ... koi ek din tumhare apno ke seene par chalayega
Just like you have spilled the blood of others ... like that one day the blood of your own people will spill ... because all the bullets that you have fired on the chest of others ... someday someone will fire them on the chest of your own people
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