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Tanvi Azmi

# 1
Apno ki keemat sapno se zyada hoti hai
The value of family is greater than dreams
# 2
Jab koi marta hai ... toh akela nahi marta
When someone dies ... they don't die alone
# 3
Saath na rehne ke bahut saare bahane ban jaate hai ... par saath rehne ka bas ek bahana bahut hai ... pata hai kyun ... pyar
You can find many excuses for not living together ... but you need only one excuse for living together ... and you know why ... because of love
# 4
Andhere mein insaan pal do pal ke liye tehar toh sakta hai, aaram kar sakta hai ... par zindagi jee nahi sakta
In darkness a person can stand for a moment or two, he can relax ... but he cannot live his life over there
# 5
Bache toh mitti ke khilone hote hai ... kaske pakdo na toh toot jaate hai
Children are like toys made from clay ... if you hold them tight then they'll break
# 6
Zindagi ek taraf se khali kar deti hai ... toh doosri taraf se bhar bhi toh deti hai
Life makes us empty from one side ... but then it also fills us up from the other side
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