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Baaghi 3

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Mujhpe aati toh main chhod deta ... mere bhai pe aati toh main phod deta
If I'm hurt then I can leave you alone ... but if my brother is hurt then I'll break you apart
# 2
Agar mere bhai ko kuch hua na ... toh kasam hamare baap ki ... tumhare desh ko is duniya ke nakshe se mitta dunga
If something happens to my brother ... then I swear on our father ... I'll erase your country from the map of this world
# 3
Aisi kya cheez hai joh insaan khareedta toh hai, pehenta nahi hai ... aur joh penhenta hai woh khareedta nahi hai ... kafan
What's that one thing which a person buys but he doesn't wear it ... and the person who wears it doesn't buy it ... a shroud
# 4
Log rishton mein hadein paar karte hai ... mera ek aisa rishta tha jiske liye maine sarhadein paar kardi
People cross limits for their relationships ... I had one such relationship for which I crossed borders
# 5
Aisi kaunsi ma hai joh chakkar kaatke har baar saamne aake khadi hoti hai ... karma
What's that one thing which goes around and then comes and stands in front of you ... karma
# 6
Aisi kaunsi cheez hai joh tu pehenta bhi hai aur khayega bhi ... joota
What's that one thing which you wear and you'll eat as well ... shoes
# 7
Joh uniform mein rehta hai, woh hamesha form mein rehta hai ... joh khaaki pehenta hai, wohi mujrimon ko khaak mein milata hai ... aur jiske kandhon pe stars hote hai, wohi asli superstar hota hai
The one who wears a uniform, always stays in form ... the one who wears the police khaki dress, is the one who destroys the criminals ... and the one who has stars of honour on his shoulders, is the real superstar
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