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# 181
Yeh Punjab hai Punjab ... yahan pehle goli marte hai ... phir shayad laash se kuch baat karlein
This is Punjab, Punjab ... here first they shoot ... then may be they will talk with the dead body
# 182
Is gun ki partner yeh goli hai ... kabhi dhokha nahin deti ... jahan jati hai jaan leke rehti hai
This guns partner is this bullet ... it never betrays ... wherever it goes it takes a life
# 183
Joh zindagi mujhse takrati hai ... woh sisak-sisakar dum todhti hai
The life that collides with me ... sobs in despair and dies
# 184
Yeh haath nahi ... phansi ka phanda hai
These are not hands ... they are hangman's knot
# 185
Between two legs itna danda maarenge ... ki na bajne layak rahoge na bajane layak
I will beat so much between your legs ... that you won't be able to play or do anything
# 186
Is rajya mein sirf do log uska naam lete hai ... tum aur main ... tum ki apni maut se pehle usse aakhri baar dekh pao ... main taa ki ek baar aur usse apne haathon se maar paon
In this state only two people take his name ... you and me ... you so that you can see him one final time before you die ... and me so that I can kill him one more time with my hands
# 187
Koi kaam aadmi achcha kare toh saale ke liye champagne kholo ... bura toh uski khopdi
If someone does good work then open a champagne for him ... and if he does bad then open his brain
# 188
Pistol ki thandi nali jab kanpatti pe lagti hai na ... tab zindagi aur maut ka fark samajh mein aata hai
When the cold barrel of a pistol touches the head ... then one understands the difference between life and death
# 189
Apun pe joh haath dalta hai ... apun uski phaad dalta hai
The one who puts a hand on me ... I tear him apart
# 190
Teri liye no chargesheet sirf D-final ... yani death final
There will be no chargesheet for you, only D-final ... meaning death final
# 191
Chalo utho ... abhi tumhe bahut pitna hai
Come on get up ... you still have to be thrashed a lot
# 192
Paap se dharti phati, adharm se aasmaan, atyachaar se kaanpi insaaniyat, raj kar rahe haivaan ... jinki hogi taqat apoorv, jinka hoga nishana abhed, joh karenge inka sarvanaash ... woh kehlayenge Tridev!
The earth is torn by sin, the heavens are cleaved by wrong, atrocities leave humanity trembling, the satans are ruling ... those who will have infinite strength, those who will target the evil unflinchingly, those who will destroy the wrong-doers ... they will be called trinity
# 193
Iski sazaa milegi ... barabar milegi!
You will be punished for this ... properly punished!
# 194
Badi badi fights mein aaisi choti choti maar toh lagti rehti hai
In big big fights such small small injuries do happen
# 195
Woh lover toh main killer
If he is a lover then I am a killer
# 196
Joh tumhari baat nahi manega ... woh upar se nau inch chota kar diya jayega ... yaane ki sar dhar se alag
Anyone who doesn't listen to you ... they will be cut short 9 inches from the top ... meaning the head will be separated from the body
# 197
Aap ne jail ki deewaron aur zanjeeron ka loha dekha hai jailer sahab ... Kaalia ki himmat ka faulaad nahi dekha
Jailor Sir, you have seen the iron of jail's walls and shackles ... but you haven't seen the steel of Kaalia's courage
# 198
Mere mann ko bhaya ... main kutta kaat ke khaya
My heart liked it ... and so I cut the dog and ate it
# 199
Shehar mein koi aaisa raasta, koi chowk, koi aasia naka nahi bacha tha ... jahan par katilo ne hum par goliyo ki barsaat na ki ho
There was not one road, not one block, not one junction in the city ... where the bullets of the killers were not showered on us
# 200
Jin ungliyon ko ghode ki aadat lag jaaye ... un mein lagaam daalna mushkil ho jaata hai
The fingers that get used to a gun ... it's hard to apply a rein on them
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