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Mukesh Tiwari

# 1
Ab saale ek number ke bikhari, baasi tarkari ... gud ki bimaari
You beggar of top standards, stinking vegetable ... you are a dirty illness
# 2
Saale luche, tuche ... bazaaru mohalle ke guche
Bloody naughty swine ... you are the product of a cheap market
# 3
Mere mann ko bhaya ... main kutta kaat ke khaya
My heart liked it ... and so I cut the dog and ate it
# 4
Itni goliyan maroonga, itni goliyan maroonga ... ki atma bhi confuse ho jayegi kidhar se niklon
I will fire so many bullets on you, so many bullets ... that even your soul will get confused where to leave from
# 5
Humse ladne ki himmat toh jutta loge ... par kaminapan kahan se laoge?
You will accumulate the courage to fight against me ... but from where will you get the sneakiness?
# 6
Ghar waala ghar nahi ... hum mein kisi ka darr nahi
The owner is not in the house ... hence we are not scared of anyone
# 7
Ab kachoo nahi hona hai ... sirf rona hi rona hai
Now nothing will happen ... you simply have to cry and cry
# 8
Duniya mein ek hi cheez pe vishvas kiya jaata hai ... woh hai andhvishvas
There's only one thing that people have faith for in this world ... and that's blind faith
# 9
Humse galti hua hai ... magar hum galat aadmi nahin hai
I have made a mistake ... but I am not a wrong person
# 10
Mumbai ki gardan marodhte hi ... poore India ki cheenkh nikalegi
When you twist the neck of Mumbai ... then the entire India will scream
# 11
Aap toh apne aap mein ATM hai ... (bole toh) ... All Time Mahatma
You yourself are an ATM ... (what do you mean) ... All Time Mahatma
# 12
Hindustan mein sirf teen hi cheezein chalti hai ... films, cricket aur shaadiyan
In India there are only 3 things that are a hit ... films, cricket and weddings
# 13
Hamare dhande mein leader agar kamzor par jaye ... toh ussike chokre goli maarke uski jagah le lete hai
In our business if the leader becomes weak ... then his boys shoot him and take his place
# 14
Haram ka paisa jab aata hai na ... toh insaan harami ban jata hai
When illegal money comes along ... then a person becomes a bastard
# 15
Hamare line mein reham nahi hai
In our business there is no mercy
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